I'm excited to share with you a fab recipe from Emma who blogs at Ready, Freddie, Go. Take it away Emma:

As Freddie is dairy free, he can end up missing out on some treats and baked goods that he used to love. Chocolate biscuits with a filled centre were his faves but sadly these all contain milk. 

Of course there are dairy free options but these are usually limited and a bit like for like, not to mention not the tastiest.

As Freddie loves to get involved helping out in the kitchen, I like to cook lots of dairy free things with him so he gets a feel of alternatives that he can eat and also some basic cooking knowledge. It's surprising how fast they remember the method of baking cakes and cookies at such a young age (and remember to ask to lick the bowl..!)
These are my vegan peanut butter and gooey chocolate cookies..the best bit is that because they are vegan you can lick the bowl & spatula to your hearts content as there is no raw egg. Like that's ever stopped me before though!


Dairy free spread 125g
Caster sugar 125g
Flour 200g
Vanilla extract to your taste (we like a lot!)
Baking powder 1tsp
We also added some smashed up dairy free chocolate & 50g cocoa powder to make them really chocolatey.
Peanut butter to fill the cookies with

  1. Cream spread and sugar together till pale & fluffy 
  2. Mix in flour, baking powder, vanilla, cocoa powder and the chocolate pieces 
  3. Roll into balls and flatten slightly with your hand, add a teaspoon of peanut butter (or more if you make big cookies), then roll and flatten a “lid” to make the top to the biscuit to seal in
  4. Bake on 180°C for about 12 minutes (maybe less if your oven is fierce, to keep them gooey!)
  5. Leave to cool and enjoy
I think these cookies are really adaptable, we have left out the chocolate & peanut butter and made strawberry jam and even lemon curd versions. 


Thank you for sharing the recipe Emma. You can keep up to date with her blog on the following social media:

Visiting a theme park with a young family can quite often feel like more of a chore than the fun experience it should be. You usually end up taking everything but the kitchen sink and end up cramming so much into your car, you'd think you were moving home. Between changing bags, food, spare clothes and pushchairs, you end up quite stressed out before you've entered the gate.

An essential part of enjoying the day is making sure the kids are comfortable and that they have somewhere to put their feet up when their little legs get tired. The lovely people at Omnio have got that covered with their fab stroller. You may have already read about the stroller on my blog when I talked about travelling abroad with it and using it at the airport. If you haven't read it then catch up here, Travelling with the Omnio Stroller.

We took the Omnio stroller on our recent holiday to Walt Disney World Florida. It was perfect for using around the big parks. As you can imagine the parks were busy which meant there were thousands of people using thousands of strollers. We became the envy of quite a few families who often asked us about our stroller and where they could buy one.

Here's our 5 reasons why you should use an Omnio Stroller at a theme park (especially Disney World):

1) It's Unique
There are usually specific places for you to park your strollers if you are going on a ride or watching a show. There's nothing worse than coming out and seeing hundreds of strollers parked tightly together and you can't find your own one quickly. The Omnio design is unique and modern and quite different from others on the market. It's very easy to recognise especially if you have it in red or teal.

2) It's easy to Manoeuvre 
Omnio have designed some super cool wheels. They even have mud-flaps and they are perfect for all terrains. They are also puncture proof. They move in all directions creating an ideal driving experience. Hubby and Eva love the fact that you can glide it to the side. This featured provided lots of entertainment. 
The stroller is very easy to manoeuvre so it is great for navigating around the busy parks.

3) Quick Fold
I'll admit that we couldn't fold the stroller easily the first few times we attempted it but after watching the video it then became very easy. 
There's nothing worse than not being able to collapse your stroller quickly when you are on transport or somewhere in the busy park. You also end up panicking even more when you are faced with an audience who just want you to hurry up.
The Omnio requires two hands to fold but once you've learnt how to do it, it can be done very swiftly.

4) It's Narrow
You may be wondering why i've put this down as a desirable feature. The stroller is more narrow then any others I have used. This makes it compact for storage even when it is up and not collapsed down. It's handy for manoeuvring around the parks especially when there is a parade or a show on. The narrowness means it doesn't tend to get in the way of other people much and it fits in tight spaces better.

5) It's Comfortable 
Lastly it's incredibly comfortable. Both my girls have cruised in it for long periods of time with no complaints. They also both took naps in it whilst we were in Disney World so that's a sure sign of ultimate comfort. 

As you know we are a huge Disney loving family so today I am excited to share with you a guest post written by Jade who blogs at http://www.mummieswaiting.com. Her and her family are also big Disney fans and here she shares with you some tips for planning a trip to Disneyland Paris.

It's only been 4 months since we last visited Disneyland Paris and already I am starting to miss it like crazy. Disneyland Paris is a magical world where the rubbish in life just disapears, it's full of magic, fairy tale and adventure and sitting here right now I can feel the excitement for our next trip racing through us!
As big lovers of both Disney and Christmas I can not wait for our trip in December this year. For the first time, the girls actually have no idea that we are going and the plan is to not tell them and let them work it out once we arrive. I'm so excited to walk through those gates and see the MASSIVE Christmas tree. (I can hardly type!)

As always I like to start planning early, if you are going to do Disney then in my opinion it's best to plan, plan, plan. So I thought I would share with you how I plan, in hopes that it would help you too.
1. Write a list of days and park times for when you are there. Full or half it doens't matter just jot them down.
2. If you are staying on site or have the right type of annual pass, add the Extra Magic hours. It's extra time in the park with less guests, your likely to get more done and see more characters.
3. Write a list of where you would like to eat and jot down the parade and show times. Make sure that you include enough places to full your whole meal plan if you have one.
4. Create a table.
days x 5 usually works well. Days across the top and the 5 down are (Breastfast, Lunch, Dinner, Special (this is Parade time, Fireworks time, Character breakfast time, meet and greet you want to make etc.) and then Clothing.
5. Fill out all the boxes but leaving clothing to last. You can use the table to work out what to wear each day. So if we have a character breakfast, the girls will wear Minnie Mouse dress up, Princess Dining they will wear princess dresses, Extra magic hours we will have an outfit with layers because it will be cool and then warm up.
6. Ring the reservation line and book anything you have planned.

7. Pop on some Disney tunes, relax and enjoy, you have planned and your trip is going to be so much easier!

Thank you Jade for sharing those fab tips. You can keep up to date with Jade and her blog on the following social media.

I used to think I was a very organised, focus driven person but upon reflection I now realise I am easily distracted and I waste a lot time doing things that aren't productive at all. My blog planner is usually full of things I need to do and posts I need to write yet why can't I just get these things done and dusted? I get a small window to actually do some blog work but then my mind wanders and bam, an hour later and i've achieved absolute zero.

Here are 10 things that distract me from blogging:

1) Social Media 
Good old social media. How many times have you thought, 'i'll just quickly check Facebook, Twitter and Instagram' and then half an hour later you've finished but instead of starting your blog work you go back to check Facebook etc again just incase you missed anything new in the last half an hour? And then the cycle continues.

2) The TV
If you're a parent like me then you'll know that the only window you actually have to watch the TV is once your children are in bed which can end up being very late. I sometimes try and watch TV whilst blogging but the usual soap crap coming out of Eastenders is just far too enticing to focus on the task in-front of me.

3) Writing Lists
I can't tell you how many lists I've got on the go. I've got lists about my lists. Lists in notepads, my phone, post it notes on the fridge, my blog planner and my diary. If I just focused on ticking off these tasks rather than writing new lists about the tasks then I may be more productive. However, I am a sucker for coloured pens and a new notebook and I just can't help myself.

4) Online Shopping
I am a self proclaimed shopaholic. There's nothing I love doing more than browsing endless shopping websites looking at clothes I can't afford to buy and placing them in imaginary shopping baskets.

5) My Husband
As i've already said earlier there is a short amount of time in which you can actually adult when you have kids. This is usually when the kids are in bed. This is when normal conversations begin etc. I'll be writing a really emotive post or one that i'm really enjoying and hubby will start chatting. Chatting like there's no tomorrow. The endless questions about anything and everything which of course then ruins my writing flow. I love him really, honestly.

6) What's app
Most of my conversations I have these days take part on what's app. If you're in a group conversation like me you'll start getting palpitations at the thought of not checking your what's app regularly and then having 500+ messages to catch up on. It's honestly the stuff of nightmares.

7) Wine
It's no secret that I love a glass of red wine. For some reason I always think it's a great idea to pour myself one whilst blogging. One, becomes two, two becomes three and the rest is history.

8) Reading other blogs
One thing I love doing is reading other blogs except the only time I actually get to do this is usually when I need to be blogging myself. 

9) Catching up on emails
Emails can sometimes take me hours to catch up on and every time I go through a mission to clear them, I swear an oath to myself that I will never let them pile up that big again. It's the same oath I take with my ironing. Needless to say this is an oath I break quite regularly.

10) My Kids
Last but not least my kids cause me the biggest distraction ever!!! There are just no hours in the day to work whilst they are awake.

Can you relate to any of the above? What are your biggest blogging distractions?

With our next holiday imminent, it's time for the dreaded task of packing the suitcases. I find this stressful enough for myself, let alone packing for the kids too. You may have read one of my recent posts which is part of my unconventional travel guide series which was The Unconventional Guide to Packing a suitcase with young kids. In that post I state that one thing that makes packing easier is to allow your children to pack their own hand luggage. They love feeling responsible for themselves, the task creates great excitement and it keeps them busy whilst you crack on with the actual suitcases. 

Eva was sent a fab Disney Nemo hand luggage size suitcase and wallet from Samsonite to take away with her on her travels. It's a good size for her to pull along herself and she finds it easy to manoeuvre. It's big enough for all her aeroplane entertainment essentials and the zip compartment is handy. It's also very sturdy. As you can imagine, it gets bashed about quite a bit but it is surviving very well which is exactly what you want when travelling.

I asked Eva what she thinks is essential to pack in your hadn't lugage. Here's what she came up with:

1) Snacks 
2) Teddy 
3) Small toys 
4) Colouring books
5) Pencils
6) Stickers
7) Ipad
8) Pillow
9) Lego
10) Cozy hoody

I think she's spot on with what she wants to pack. I'd just add a spare change of clothes and she's aeroplane ready.

Does your child have their own hand luggage bag? What items do you pack for them? 

*Thank you to Samsonite for sending us the Disney Nemo suitcase*
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