Being a working mum isn't easy. It can sometimes seem like a constant struggle to balance caring for the kids and being there when they need you, with being capable and confident at work. In fact, it can feel like you being pulled from pillar to post and cause quite a bit of stress. However, there are some things that can make this juggling act a little easier, and you can bet that most working mum’s wish they’d know them before they returned to employment. Read on to find out what they are.

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Hours are often, but not always negotiable

I think that the issue of what hours to work is one that is very important to most mums. After all, it will determine when and for how long you get to see your kids, as well as how much rest you get. Something that can definitely impact on your wellbeing.

Of course, if you want to work full time, then go for it. No one can decide what is best for you and your family but you, but if you feel that a part-time work schedule would be better for you, don't be afraid to ask for it. Your employer doesn't have to say yes, but it's likely that if they are reasonable, they can find a workaround that is more balanced and suited to your current life circumstances. Remember work has to work for you too, it's not just a one-way street!

You can see a Dr in your lunch break

It can be hard enough to find the time to attend our own medical appointments when we are busy at work, let alone take additional time off to take the kids to the Drs as well. However as a mum, and despite your best efforts to prevent them getting sick, you will find that a jaunt to the doctors is something of a regular occurrence, and in an emergency, you will drop everything whether you are at work or not.

Although for less pressing issues did you know that you can now access services like NHS GP at Hand on your mobile phone? Yup, that's right you can have a video conference with an NHS (not private) doctor 24/7. That means you can get the kids seen quickly, and you can even get your own health issue sorted without having to take ages off of work!

Some nurseries will charge for the whole term

Cost is a major issue when your return to work as a mum. This is because your wage needs to be enough to cover childcare and leave some left over. One option that will solve this is to get a really well-paid job. However, as these seem to be like hen's teeth these days, it's also prudent to look at reducing the cost of nursery places instead.

One way to do this is to find nurseries that charge for the actual days that your child spends there, rather than an entire term. This can work well because you end up paying less as you aren't charged for the time that you and your partner are off and can look after the kids at home. A revelation indeed!

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A couple of months ago we received some wonderful new Cosatto Hubbub ISOFIX car seats. We took them on a road trip to London. See how we got on.

“Mum are we there yet?”
She asked as I strapped her in,
“No we’ve not left yet”
I replied whilst thinking about Gin.

The boot was jam packed,
The snacks were ready made,
With our new Cosatto car seats,
We as parents were not afraid.

The journey would be long,
Entertainment was at the ready,
Hubbub car seats with ISOFIX were fixed in,
So, we knew the kids would be steady.

“Are we nearly there yet,”
They chirped from the back,
We strapped them in with the 5-point harness,
This anti-escape system would be a tough one to crack.

We set off for London,
The kids couldn’t wait to arrive,
Half way through the journey,
We were in for a surprise.

“Are we nearly there yet”
She shouted with desperation,
“Will you stop asking that annoying question”
Daddy replied with much frustration.

“But I need a wee”
“I need to go right now”
We raced to the nearest service station,
By the sweat of one’s brow.

“It’s too late, it’s too late”
She shouted on endless repeat,
With removable washable covers,
We didn’t worry about the seat.

“Are we nearly there yet”
She was fed up of sitting still,
“mummy I’ve got something to tell you”
“The smell of my sister’s nappy is making me ill.”

“OH NO” I cried,
“It looks like a poonami”
Another pit stop it is,
The journey was driving us barmy.

We pulled in at the services,
Could we get her out slickly?
But with the quick release harness,
She was out pretty quickly.

We continued our journey,
Along the long m4,
The girls were clearly comfy,
Because they started to snore.

Two sleeping bunnies,
All safe and secure,
In their fab, new car seats,
They looked so innocent and pure.

“Are we nearly there yet”
She asked for the last time,
“Yes we’re in London,”
I replied with a chime.

We unpacked the car,
But didn’t have to take the seat,
They were fitted with ISOFIX,
Not having to carry them was such a relief.

We had a fab time in London,
The kids were easy to please,
Back into her happy stars car seat, 
Littlest thought she was the bee’s knees.

Thank you Cosatto,
The car seats were great,
They’ll last them for years,
More adventures await.

*A big thank you to Cosatto for kindly sending us two car seats for our journey. All opinions are our own*


Greece is a fabulous country in our magical world, and while there are many other places that you could choose to travel to in 2018, Greece should definitely be at the top of your list. In this article is going to be 15 reasons why you should visit Greece in 2018.

The conversion rate is amazing
You may or may not be aware about how the conversion rate has been lately, but the pound has spent several years higher than the euro, making the conversion well worth your money.

Greece brings a real meaning to the phrase “as cheap as chips”.

While it’s not an unknown fact that holiday destinations abroad are generally cheaper than the UK, Greece really brings the right meaning to “as cheap as chips”. If you’re looking to go to a place where you can afford to eat out every night, and still bring back lots of presents for your family and friends, then Greece is definitely a place to consider.

The views are stunning

If you’ve not seen any pictures or videos of Greece, then it’s definitely recommended that you do. And no, the photos haven’t been tampered with, it really is that beautiful. The city is set in the past, where it’s not changed over the years and it still has it’s natural beauty.

There are incredible places to stay

One great thing about wherever you decide to go in Greece, is that you will never run out of ideas on where you could stay. Using a website like Villa Hunters Greece will allow you to easily and effortlessly find a hotel or apartment that you will enjoy your holiday in.


One thing is for sure when you visit Greece, you won’t go away unsatisfied when it comes to your tastebuds. We all know about the incredible olives, cheese, and their delectable meals from what we have seen on the TV. Just wait until you taste it for yourself.

White sands and blue seas

Whenever you think about going abroad to an exotic country, the first thing that usually comes to mind is white sands and blue seas. Greece is the epitome of exactly that. Alongside that are the beautiful quaint homes and buildings. You’re sure to always have something to look at. It’s no lie that Greece has the best beaches in Europe. A personal favourite is the Elafonissi Beach in Crete.

A plethora of things to do

Depending on where you decide to visit in Greece, you will never find yourself bored. Even if you choose to go to a quieter part of the country, you’re sure to find yourself still doing something exciting like going diving in the plethora of remote caves. Here are a few things that you could be doing while you’re there:
  • Delphi Ruins
  • Temple of Apollo
  • Ancient Olympia
  • Aqualand
  • Landrover Safaris
  • Water sports
  • Skaros rock


One thing is for sure, even if you’re not choosing to go out and hype yourself up on the adrenaline filled activities that Greece can offer that you will be able to relax just by simply being there. Sit back with a glass of your favourite wine and enjoy the views.

The nightlife

While it’s more unheard of than Magaluf and all of the other party central locations, Greece is also high on the list when it comes to a great place to visit for the nightlife. Even in the more remote areas you will find locals and be able to experience their way of living.

The green hole

The green hole in Greece is a lagoon that’s located on the island of Thassos that is a naturally made beauty you should definitely make the trip to see. While it might be something that takes you all day because of the trek to the actual location, it will be worth it when you can relax in the waters looking out at the peaceful sea.

Perfect destination for marriages

If you’re engaged and looking for a place to get hitched, then Greece should definitely be at the top of your list. As mentioned previously in this article, there are a plethora of incredible sites and islands for you to choose from. Plus, imagine getting married on a white sandy beach with the water glistening in the background? Amazing.

You can experience the culture

Everywhere you go in the world, you will experience a different culture between the natives of the country. One magical part of going away on vacation is being able to experience the lifestyle of others around the world. Why not befriend some locals and allow yourself to experience the culture as you should?

See your favourite movie locations in Greece

Mamma Mia? Bourne Identity? These two epic films among other incredible films were all shot and filmed on one of the beautiful Greek islands. Why not take the time to go and visit where the movies were shot and imagine yourself in the film. You can also bask in the fact that your favourite celebrities have been in the exact location that you’re in.

The sunsets

One of the most incredible things that all visitors of Greece will tell you, is that the sunsets are incredible there. No matter which island you’re on, you will experience an absolutely breathtaking sunset.

The Cave of Melissani

There are hundreds of magical caves in the Greek islands, but none quite like the cave of melissani. It’s a magical spot with beautiful filled caves inside. The crystal blue waters are a mixture of salt and sweet water, so you’re bound to come out of there feeling super refreshed.

So there we have it, 15 magical reasons to why you should visit Greece in 2018. If you’re stuck on ideas on where to go, then take the trip of a lifetime on one of the brilliant Greek islands! Don’t forget to pack the sunscreen because the weather is absolutely phenomenal!

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