Friday 5 April 2019

Great Ways to Master Your Kids Morning Routine

Tired of that stressful, rushed morning routine? When you’ve got kids, the morning routine can be incredibly challenging. You spend most of the time rushing around, trying to get the kids ready before it’s time to leave. This ultimately leads to arguments, things get forgotten and you start the day off feeling exhausted and stressed out. Then, the next day it all starts again!
If you’re desperate to get the family into a more relaxed, happier morning routine, there are a few tips you can follow. To help, below you’ll discover some great ways to master your kids’ morning routine.
Start the night before
One of the best ways to ease your morning routine,is to prepare the night before. Ensuring both you and your kids get a good night’s sleep is paramount. So, make sure your kids have a set bedtime routine, and that your own bedroom has a relaxing, sleep-inducing ambience. You can invest in products to help give the room a calming fragrance, and ensure you switch off all technological devices half an hour before bed. 

It’s also a good idea to get things prepared the night before. Set out your kid’s uniforms, sort out your own wardrobe for the day and prepare any snacks and lunches ready for the morning. This will really help to minimise what you need to do when you wake up, eliminating a lot of stress. 
Wake up a little earlier
Another thing that’s going to help make the mornings that little bit easier,is waking up a little earlier. It might sound like the last thing you want to do but waking up a little earlier will enable you to wake up gradually before the kids get up. Having just a little time to yourself first thing in a morning can make a huge difference tohow you feel, and it prepares you for the day ahead. 

You’ll also have chanceto get yourself ready, giving you more time to help the kids get ready when they’re up. 
Create a morning routine chart
No matter how old your kids are, a morning routine chart can prove invaluable. Your kids can use it to work through their morning chores, such as cleaning their teeth, washing their face, getting dressed and having breakfast. Once they’ve completed a task, it gets ticked off. You’ll be surprised how much kids enjoy making their way through their morning routine when they have a little chart they can tick off!
The above tips should really help you to master your kids’ morning routine. However, keep in mind that some mornings, even the tips above might not work. Parenting is a never endingchallenge and it requires a great deal of patience and persistence! 
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