Monday 18 November 2019

3 Simple Strategies For Letting Go Of Bad Habits

Bad habits are an unfortunate fact of being human. As much as we may have good intentions, life sometimes has other ideas and no one is perfect. We can’t live like saints, but if you feel like your bad habits are starting to have a negative effect on your life then it's time to review what you can do to make a change. You might realise that you’ve become an emotional eater, that your spending habits are spiralling out of control, you need to start making exercise a part of your routine to boost your wellbeing or you need to quit smoking. Whatever behaviour you’re planning to change, it can be time with a little willpower. You can and will make the change you need to as long as you go about it the right way and give yourself the tools you need to succeed.

Take Baby Steps With A Substitute

Addressing the reason why your habits have formed in the first place is key to changing them. The reason we develop a habit is usually because it makes life easier or it gives us comfort. This is the reason that going completely cold turkey is usually extremely hard, and ultimately unsuccessful for most people. Our brains are hardwired to seek out the easy option or the reassurance. Instead of getting rid of it completely, it can be a better strategy to substitute the problematic behaviour - either with a harmless habit or with one which can help you to make the transition. Think about the situations that make you resort to the behaviour that you’d like to change. If you always eat when you’re stressed or anxious, then you could try chewing a piece of gum or making a hot drink instead. If you’re a social smoker, BuyV2Cigs supply a great range of products that can gradually replace that. Planning ahead for times of stress or trigger situations when you know you fall back on a bad habit is a really great idea. If you arm yourself with substitutes and coping strategies then you are less likely to revert to your old ways out of panic.

Get A Buddy

Making a positive lifestyle change is so much easier when you don’t feel alone. Behaviour change specialists suggest that accountability is a key aspect of success - so we need to share our progress and have someone to take us to task when we veer off track. This is the reason that peer support groups like Slimming World are so successful for many people. The camaraderie and the accountability they offer is a motivating combination. So find your tribe - join an online support forum, find a local group or make a public commitment - such as completing Couch25k and entering a charity run in support of a good cause. 

Prepare To Succeed 

When efforts seem to be going well, it's easy to get complacent and end up slipping back into old habits. Preparation is absolutely key, at least until your bad behaviour is no longer second nature. If you're aiming for a healthier diet, ensure that you do a bit of meal prep on a Sunday and have some healthy lunch options ready to go, and pack a few snack options in your bag so that you aren't caught short. 

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