Thursday 14 November 2019

The best baby doll gifts this Christmas

There are so many amazing baby dolls and accessories to choose from this Christmas so I've rounded up the best offerings by BABY born.

BABY born soft touch boy or girl
These dolls have a softer touch feel which is gentler for tiny hands. The dolls are 43cm and are interactive with 9 lifelike functions. 
They have movable arms and legs (great when getting them changed). 
These dolls can eat and drink and they can also go on the potty. If you press baby's button on his/her tummy they will wet.
The doll's eyes also close when they are lying down/drifting off to sleep.
The doll includes everything you need to get started such as a potty, nappy, dummy, bottle and more.

BABY born surprise 
These make a perfect stocking filler. Most children love surprise toys and these ones are packed full of fun. 
They include an 11cm baby doll, nappy, bottle, swaddle and birth certificate. The mini doll even has a drinking and toileting function and if you rub their eyelids with a damp cloth they will open and reveal their colour. 

BABY born changing bag
The changing bag makes the ideal accessory for any child who loves to play with baby dolls. It can carry all baby essentials such as nappies and bottles and is perfect for enhancing role play. 

BABY born magic bed heaven
The BABY born bed comes with a canopy, bedding and a magical bear. It also includes stickers for children to decorate the bed as they wish. The sides are also removable.

BABY born surprise bottle playset
This playset is a home for the mini surprise baby dolls (as discussed earlier in the post). The colourful home is shaped as a baby bottle and it also includes a mini baby doll. The playset features a baby gym area, bedroom area, bathroom area and more.

All of these items can be purchased from most good toy retailers such as Smyths.

Do you have any baby dolls and accessories you recommend?

* Disclaimer - I was previously gifted a couple of BABY born items featured in this post as part of a review. Photos are not my own*

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