Thursday 14 November 2019

Cardiff's Winter Wonderland 2019

Last week we were invited to the opening of Cardiff's Winter Wonderland. It's one of our favourite places to visit during the festive season. 

There have been a few changes this year. Our first impression was that it seemed smaller, however, it is simply because the layout has changed and there has been an exciting new addition.

There are plenty of rides and stalls to choose from for all ages. My girls are nearly 4 and 6 and they went on quite a few amusements. Their favourites were the fun house, the funny mirrors and some of the smaller rides.

The highlight of the night for all of us was the ice-skating with the new alpine ski trail. My youngest absolutely loved skating with her penguin. She had ice-skates which went over her shoes which I think she found quite comfortable.

My eldest started with a penguin but then bravely had a go at skating by herself.

The ski-trail is the first of its kind in the UK. It is attached to the ice-rink and takes you on a journey around the gardens and then back into the ice-rink. It's a lovely addition to the experience.

We also enjoyed the big wheel. It has had a makeover and it is now wheelchair accessible. Even in the dark we enjoyed sweeping views of Cardiff.

I will admit that we were disappointed with the food options. There was one large van serving hot food and drinks. It was reasonably priced but it was busy and we had to wait a while. I think on a very busy day at Winter Wonderland, one van will not be enough. There are other options such as donuts or crepes but for things such as burgers and chips, this is the only stall.

We ended the night in one of our favourite places at Winter Wonderland and that is the Sur la Piste bar. Hubby and I had a mulled wine whilst the girls enjoyed hot chocolates in a cosy booth under a heater.

We will definitely be returning over the Christmas period.

It is open until the 5th January. Booking for ice-skating is highly recommended. 

** Disclosure - We were invited to the opening of Winter Wonderland in exchange for instagram posts. You can head over to my instagram profile and go to the Christmas highlight on my homepage to see what we got up to. Head over to my profile by clicking here, Instagram. We were not asked to write a blog post. I have written this one as we had such a good time that I wanted to share it with you. All photos and words are my own*

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