Friday 15 November 2019

How To Cope With Depression And Anxiety 100%

Depression and anxiety can really take it out of you and make your life a horrible place to be. There is often no escaping the feelings of worthlessness that go along with these complex mental health issues. 

Unfortunately, mental health issues can affect anyone and at any point in their life. They are something that many people will suffer from to one extent or another. There are ways of treating your mental health issues which will involve looking after yourself and one of the biggest hurdles that you will have to face is admitting to yourself that you are suffering, and then allowing yourself to open up and admit it to those around you. 

Talk About It

Talking through the complex emotions and burdens that surround your depression and anxiety can be tough, but it is necessary. Often, we tie ourselves in knots with worries and stresses in life and then when we try and process how we feel about a situation we do not understand ourselves. This can lead to being irritable or angry whilst also feeling down. 

Find someone that you can confide in that you are struggling with. You may want to choose a friend or family member. Or, if you do not feel that you have anyone close enough that you can speak to, you should definitely raise the issue with your doctor. You may be able to get referred for some therapy, or there are private counselors that you make an appointment with. 

Getting to the bottom of your problems can take a long time, and when you start to open up, you may find that you bring up feelings that you did not know you had. It can be emotionally draining to go through any form of therapy, but in the longterm, it can be hugely beneficial. 


One option that may be open to you to treat your depression and anxiety is anti-depressants. These drugs are designed to alter the hormones in your brain in a way that allows you to function much better with less of the symptoms of depression and anxiety. There are a number of different medications on the market, and your doctor will recommend the right one for you. 

Opinions are mixed on anti-depressants as there are many different types around, and they don’t all work for everyone in the same way. 

Alternative Treatments

There are a number of herbal medications such as St John’s Wart that have long been used for the treatment of depression. Again, the success of this is varied, but it is something that can be bought without a prescription and taken as needed. 

Another option that can be taken when needed is CBD  Vsavi can offer an amazing kit that contains everything that you need to start taking this oil that is derived from the cannabis plant. With none of the psychoactive ingredients, CBD oil is not addictive and can be taken whenever needed, providing a fairly instantaneous feeling of calm and a reduction in anxiety.

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