Tuesday 19 February 2019

Tips for moving to London

Moving to the big city of London can be very daunting, lonely and incredibly stressful. Here are some tips to make the move easier so you can get settled into your new life.

1) Find people to help you pack
Packing up can get tedious when moving house so find as much help as you can.

2) Get a removal company
Make sure you get various quotes from removals companies to take the stress out of navigating your belongings around the busy streets of London. Removals London will know where they are going and they will make life much easier for you.

3) Get a great location 
Look for a house or flat that's close to travel links such as the tube or a bus stop. Find an area with local shops that also has a bit of greenery for escapism too.

4) Make sure you have a job
The cost of living in London can be much higher than the rest of the UK so make sure you have a stable job to meet your mortgage or rent requirements.

5) Make new friends
London is a big place which can feel very lonely. Try and join clubs or arrange to go out to places with existing friends/work colleagues in order to meet new people.

6) Know your way around
Try and practice your commute before you actually have to make it. Know alternative tube lines, bus lines etc. Download apps on your phone to show you times and routes.

7) Get into a routine
Try and get into a daily routine as soon as possible so you can enjoy your new life. 

8) Don't forget to still be a tourist 
There are so many wonderful places to see and visit in London. Try and do one at least once a week.

*This is a collaborative post*


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