Sunday 3 February 2019

6 Things to do in the Snow

I'm not very adventurous when it comes to ideas of things to do in the snow. My skills are building a snowman and a snowball fight which can get tedious after a time.

I asked fellow bloggers for their ideas and this is what they suggested.

1) Footprint Tag
Chilling with Lucas suggested a game of Tag. You allocate a home base such as a tree or a stick. The first person must get to the base before being tagged. Other players must walk or run in the first persons footsteps.

2) Igloo Building
Jenny at Monkey and Mouse makes igloos with her children. I remember seeing pictures on her instagram page and it looked incredible. 

3) Footprint Finder
If you don't have a lot of snow but are still looking for something fun to do then Hannah from Hi Baby Blog suggests searching for as many different footprints you can find imprinted in the snow such as birds and animals.

4) Snow Painting
Both Heather (Mrs Mactivity) and Claire (The Ladybird Adventures) suggest snow painting. 

5) Make Snow Ice Cream
Sarah from Craft Invaders likes to make snow ice-cream. There is a recipe and guide over on her blog.

6) Toy Car Fun
Lianne at and her children take all of their toy cars etc out in the snow to play and make tracks.

Have you got any other ideas that aren't suggested here?


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