Monday 29 October 2018

What I Wore in Disney - October

We recently got back from a quick weekend trip to Disneyland Paris. As it was a last minute trip I decided not to do a Disneybound but I still wore Disney clothes. If you want to see outfits from a previous trip then read the following post, What I Wore in Disney.

We travelled up on the Eurostar on the Friday and we arrived to gorgeous sunshine. We didn't arrive at our hotel until quite late in the afternoon so I decided to wear the outfit I was travelling in and pair it with some beautiful autumnal ears from Hannah Marie Magic. I had a tan coloured jumper and wet look leggings. 

I also used my amazing travel themed cross body bag which I was kindly gifted by Yoshi*. It's such a perfect bag for me as I am travel obsessed. We had a travel themed wedding and our wedding cake looked just like this bag. It was a vintage suitcase with travel badges from our favourites places we've visited together. 

The bag is great for Disney as it's close to your body to help keep your belongings safe from pick pockets.

I was a bit of a diva on the Saturday and wore 3 outfits. Technically they were all just layers underneath each other but in photos it looked like I changed 3 times. Even though it was beautifully warm and sunny most of the day, the mornings and evenings were icy cold. 

My first layer was well suited for the halloween season at Disney. It was the 'What's up Witches' baseball t-shirt from Truffle Shuffle*. I'd hardly had any sleep the night before as my youngest daughter decided it would be a great time to party hard and kept me awake from about 12.30am-4am. Therefore, I was feeling quite witch like myself. I'll be wearing it on Halloween during the daytime. 

My next top was one of my own from Magically Jasmine which is launching very soon. It's our 'Ultimate Villains' baseball tee which can be worn all year round and not just over the Halloween season.

I wore it with my Team Villains badge from Quackers and Co.

Last up was my 'A whole new world' off the shoulder jumper, which again, is soon to be released from Magically Jasmine. I had fab character interaction with Jafar who was not very amused with my outfit in the slightest. 

To keep up the Aladdin theme I also had Princess Jasmine ears which were from Ears Ever After and the Vintage VHS clutch bag by Oh My Disney from Shop Disney UK. Jafar took pride in covering up all the other characters on the bag except himself.

I also wore my Team Agrabah badge from Quackers and Co.

I have literally waited all year for the 'Spirit Jersey's' to arrive at Disneyland Paris so all that was left to do was to decide whether I was going with the black or the pink. I obviously wanted both but I could only buy one on this trip. I went with black and I couldn't be happier. It's a lovely fit and matches pretty much everything. I teamed it with my Disney rose gold ears that were also purchased in Disneyland Paris.

*Items marked with an Asterix were Kindly gifted to me. All pictures and views are my own*



  1. I love the tops they really went well with meeting Jafar! I have never been to Disneyland just for the weekend and am interested in how that is. I'd love to send John and Sylvia just for a day trip on her birthday but not sure if they could get enough done in one day. Maybe!

    1. Thank you. It would be a rush but defo still worth it, perhaps easier if it was mid week x

  2. Love love LOVE this post! The T-shirt’s are fab and the Disney spirt jumper is amazing!!!

  3. Your outfits look excellent - well done. Particulaly love your travel handbag. Bet Jabu was secretly impressed that you'd worn so much aladin gear. Looks like you had a brill time at Disneyland.

  4. Great outfits, stylish but comfy for disney and autumn! Love the disney hoodie at the end! Lovely pics.

    1. Thank you. yep always need to be comfy with all the walking

  5. Gorgeous outfits. I see you're partial to skinny trousers paid with dark tops with a flash of colour or sparkle - that's very much my style too!

    1. Thank you. I sure am. It's literally my winter wardrobe x


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