Monday 15 October 2018

Creazione's Shape Up Challenge - Winter 2018

Today I started an 8 week Shape Up challenge with my gym Creazione. The challenge basically pushes you to shape up your body in 8 weeks through guided training sessions set by a team leader, group training sessions and a nutrition plan. You are measured on your weight, body fat and inch loss.

You are placed into a team which is led by one of the fantastic trainers at the gym who is your guide and support for the 8 weeks. 

At the end of the 8 weeks there is a big party where all the winners are announced. There are prizes for individuals who 'shape up' the most and also the teams that perform the best. 

I have taken part in the challenge in previous years and I love it. I can't recommend it enough. Creazione is without a doubt the friendliest gym I've ever been a member of. The support that you get from the gym, your team and other members is incredible. It enables you to stay focused and determined. 

This time around I am going into this challenge with a new mindset. I am placed in a team led by my amazing personal trainer, Elliot Williams and I couldn't be happier. I've had 15 personal training sessions with Elliot (one a week) since the summer and I have already achieved and progressed massively. My fitness levels and techniques have improved greatly since we started. Honestly, I was a shambles beforehand. How I hadn't injured myself on a weight machine I'll never know. He has taught me technique, tips, tricks and has given me his complete support. One of my first goals was to be able to do a press-up on my toes (I couldn't even do them on my knees). I thought this was going to take me ages to master but he managed to get me to do them within in 2 sessions. 

Above all he has managed to change my attitude towards the gym. I no longer see it as a chore but it is something I enjoy and look forward to. Also the benefits it has had on my mental health have been incredible. I haven't had a relapse in my postnatal depression in a very long time which I know is down to my new lifestyle. Elliot is a great team leader and I know I will do well in this challenge under his watchful eye. He's also setting an example to our team by doing the whole challenge with us. 

My goals for this challenge are to drop a bit of weight, increase my strength and build some muscle definition and hopefully a dress size which I know I can achieve. I am also hoping to be able to do pull-ups by the end of it (they are my ultimate weakness at the moment).

I'll be sharing the whole challenge with you over on my instagram (kerrylouisenorris) and through blog posts and youtube videos. This is to keep me focused and to also show you what a positive effect it will have on my lifestyle and my mind. I'll share my ups, my downs, my swearing (probably) and my wins. At the end of the challenge I'll reveal my before and after pictures and all of my stats.


  1. All the best Kerry.

  2. What a fun challenge! Sometimes you need a challenge as an incentive, which can work really well. Good luck with it all :)

  3. I love the idea of a supportive, team-based challenge like this - sounds like great fun! It’s amazing what a difference exercise can make to your mental well-being, as well, so I’m sure you’re right about how it’s helping you.

  4. That sounds such fun and really supportive too. It is a great idea. Good luck and I look forward to seeing the befores and after photos. Accountability to others is what would motivate me I think

  5. This sounds fab. I desperately need to get myself in shape and am on a fitness plan between now and Xmas. Going somewhere like this really helps keep it up.

  6. Good luck with the challenge! Elliot sounds like he’s great at motivating fitness. I’m not sure I’d be brave enough for the gym, but look forward to seeing how you get on x

  7. Good luck! It sounds like a great programme and I’m sure you’ll smash your goals with such a good instructor. I hate exercise and wish I could find motivation to do something like this. Good luck with it all xx

  8. It sounds like an amazing challenge and you obviously have a fabulous trainer. I can’t even do a press up on my knees either. And a pull up sounds almost impossible. Good luck with your goals lovely. Hugs Lucy xxxx


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