Sunday 26 November 2017

Moana, 2nd Birthday and Chicken Pox #LittleLoves

We've had a busy week this week which has been a mixed bag of emotions. We've had funerals, a birthday, some fun times, some sad times and now illness. You can catch up with last week's #LittleLoves post here, Ice Skating, Santa and Food Poisoning.

This week I read an incredible blog post written by Lucy at 'Mrs H's favourite things'. It was An Open Letter To The Girl who Just Attempted Suicide. It was a hard thing for me to read this week after attending the funeral of my beautiful cousin on Monday, who committed suicide due to suffering with a mental health illness. It was such an honest, brave post for Lucy to write and I'm so glad she did. It helps to raise awareness which is what I want to continue to do.

Without this sounding morbid, I heard one of my favourite Michael Jackson songs at my cousins funeral. I've always been one of the biggest MJ fans around so to hear this set me off into a million tears. It was 'you are not alone,'. Such a shame to hear it under sad circumstances but the words are beautiful. 

It was Ophelia's 2nd birthday this week and ever since our girls were born, we have made them a special birthday cake ourselves. Ophelia is obsessed with Moana so we decided to throw her a Moana inspired party which of course meant we had to make a Moana themed cake.
I wish I could take most of the credit for this but I can't. Hubby did most of it and I am so proud of him. Ophelia thought it was amazing.

This weekend we went to see Olaf's Frozen Adventure followed by Frozen. We all loved it. It was a heart warming Christmas short and the new song is great. The girls had a fab time and Ophelia sat through both screenings singing and clapping.

For ophelia's birthday the girls both had new dresses to wear. We went for something sparkly so they'd last through the festive season. Ophelia's was a gorgeous purple dress from Next and Eva had a glittery one from Asda. They looked adorable.

And Lastly:
So with a week of ups and downs, we've ended on a down. Ophelia has caught Eva's chicken pox. I'm trying to put a positive spin on it and i'm grateful that she's got it now rather than when we fly to Australia in a couple of weeks. However, i'm not looking forward to another week in isolation. 

How was your week? What did you get up to?

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  1. the cake looks amazing - such a good idea for a cake! Sorry to hear about your cousin - so sad :( Lucy's post is brilliant for raising awareness, though isn't it? x


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