Tuesday 14 November 2017

Cardiff's Winter Wonderland 2017

There's no better way to get you into the Christmas spirit than with a trip to Cardiff's Winter Wonderland and this is exactly what we did when we were invited to a special preview evening, before its official opening last week. 

Eva couldn't wait to go. She still talks about the times we visited last year and which rides she went on and how much she enjoyed ice-skating.

As soon as you step into Winter Wonderland you feel christmassy. If the smell of chestnuts and mulled wine doesn't put you in the mood then the sparkly snowflakes and Christmas music will. 

We decided to go on a few of the rides first. Eva absolutely loved the helter skelter (as did Daddy). Both Eva and Ophelia liked riding the Santa's Sleigh ride. 

Next, we sampled some of the food that was on offer and we were spoilt for choice. This year there are a few outlets to choose from such as German Sausages cooked on a traditional swing grill, burgers, pigs in blankets, sweet and savoury crepes and amazing waffles to name a few. I didn't spot any child size portions anywhere (I could be mistaken). Hopefully this will be added next year.

After watching an Ice-Skating display, Eva and I decided to give it a whirl much to Ophelia's despair. She was desperate to come on the ice with us but the minimum age is 3. I'm not overly confident in ice-skating in the slightest so when Eva suggested we use a penguin, I was delighted!! Note to other parent's, it's actually quite hard work pushing around a penguin whilst supporting a small child at the same time. I honestly felt like I'd been in a gym class. I was shattered by the time she decided she wanted to get off. We loved it though and that's the main thing. 

The ice-rink itself is beautifully lit up and best of all it is undercover so you can enjoy skating even in rubbish weather. This year they are also holding relaxed access sessions which is great. During these sessions the lighting will become static, sound levels will drop and the capacity of the rink will decrease to allow those who may need extra support requirements to be able to enjoy the experience too. The timings of these session can be found on the Winter Wonderland website. 

After Ice skating we chose to enjoy a much needed rest in the warmth of the Bierkeller Bar with a mulled wine. The bar is one of my favourite parts of Cardiff's Winter Wonderland. It is so cozy. 

Next up we braved the big wheel. I'm not the biggest fan of heights but never show fear to your children hey. It's much higher than it looks and offers sweeping views of Cardiff City Centre. Daddy and Eva relished it. Mummy and Ophelia not so much.

We ended our evening by trying out the rest of the funfair rides. The dodgems were a huge hit as was the merry go round. Ophelia had the time of her life on that one. We all attempted the Bavarian Fun House which had us all giggling.

Overall, it was a fantastic evening as it always is. It's a wonderful place to go to get you in that Christmas spirit. It's perfect for a family trip and it would also make a lovely, romantic date night. There's plenty to enjoy for all ages. We are looking forward to visiting many more times this year.

For more information on opening times and to book your ice skating sessions, please visit Cardiff Winter Wonderland.

*Thank you to Cardiff's Winter Wonderland and Orchard for inviting us*



  1. It never ceases to amaze me how a fairground can captivate young and old. This one has something for the whole family, individual rides and family activities. A fabulous looking place

  2. I love Winter Wonderland! I can't wait to go this year!

  3. this looks great. I've only ever been to the one in London and that is CRAZY busy! This looks less stressful ;) x

  4. ahhhhh I'm getting all the exciting christmas feels... it looks like so much fun!

  5. I went around here the other night. I want to go on the ice rink

  6. Ooh, it looks like so much fun. I've never been to any winter wonderlands and it looks as though I'm missing out hugely! Luke would love all the rides too...maybe not the wheel though!

  7. Soo Christmassy, I love it! We’re going to the Christmas Markets in manchester next week & I can’t wait. Things like this just make this time of year so special

  8. This looks so, so lovely! I'd love to take W ice skating xo

  9. I have never managed to make it here yet - it always looks amazing. Lovely photos. Kaz

  10. It looks and sounds absolutely magical. I don't think you could help but feel a bit Christmassy if you visited here


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