Friday 17 November 2017

The Siblings Project - November 2017

With Ophelia turning 2 next week, I thought it was the perfect month to join in again with The Siblings Project. However, shamefully I looked for my last siblings update and it was back in January of this year!! I can't believe I haven't shared pics of the girls and talked about their relationship since then. You can read it here, Siblings Project January 2017.

Eva will be 5 in January and Ophelia 2 next week. Their relationship is very different now. They are most definitely acting like sisters. It's wonderful to see. The big change that i've seen is that they now play together properly. They play games, do role play, they'll sing and dance together and keep each other entertained.

Of course playing together isn't always harmonious. They are typical siblings. They fight like cats and dogs if one of them has something the other one wants. But that's normal and to be expected. Listening to Ophelia telling Eva off is hilarious. She still can't string sentences together so it's usually a lot of loud gibberish with finger pointing.

Ophelia clearly idolises her big sister. You can tell she thinks of her as her hero. She wants to be just like her and copies her every move. The dance routines they do are usually the best.

They both love Disney films (well that was always going to be the case with such a Disney obsessed mum). They quite often reenact Frozen which is adorable.

This month they've had lots of exciting experiences already. They visited our local Winter Wonderland and they had the time of their lives. Seeing their little faces on the rides was super cute. They laughed and giggled all evening. You can read about it here, Cardiff's Winter Wonderland.

They also got to meet Santa last week which was an awesome experience. It was a walk through Candyland before meeting the big man himself. Ophelia wasn't sure of him at first but finally sat near him for a picture. 

The end of November will be very exciting with Ophelia's birthday. Then is December we are heading to Australia to visit our family for Christmas so I should hopefully have lots of Siblings things to share with you in the upcoming months.

The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful


  1. They are truely wonderful. The bond will become stronger and playing together will become the norm. Great to see the relationship develop

  2. Cute photos. It's lovely that they enjoy playing together.

  3. Ah how lovely they both love Disney , and play games together


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