Monday 6 November 2017

The Best Places to Buy Disney Clothes for Kids

As a Disney obsessed family, I tend to dress both my girls in lots of Disney clothes. Over the years i've tried them from various shops, so I have now worked out where my favourite places are. Some places have better ranges and some have a nicer quality that wash better than others. 

Here are the best places to buy Disney clothes for kids. You can also check out the best places to buy Disney clothes for adults here,  Disney Clothes for Adults.

1) Cath Kidston
If you follow me on Instagram, then you will have probably seen me and my girls in matching Disney clothes from Cath Kidston. We adore their range. We all have clothes from every collection they have released so far and i'm sure we'll be getting some from the up and coming 'Mickey and Friends' collection. 
The clothes are fantastic quality, they wash very well and they have such unique, pretty prints.
If you are looking to buy anything from Cath Kidston then Deals Daddy have discounts codes for them here, Codes

2) Gap
Gap has quickly become one of my favourite places to buy Disney clothes for kids. They have an amazing range from baby clothes to teen clothes. I have picked up some great body and sleep suits for my youngest in Winnie the Pooh and Snow White prints. 
I've also got lots of fab things for my eldest. My top picks for older children are the Disney Jeans.

3) Primark
Primark is the place to go for all things Disney, including clothes. They always have plenty on offer and is one of my top places to go for Disney sleepwear.

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4) Next
Next doesn't have a huge range of Disney clothes but the ones they do have are adorable. I've bought the girls Tinkerbell clothes in there before and a couple of Mickey tees. If you are a Toy Story fan then make sure you check out their wellies. They are the cutest ones i've ever seen.

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I'm also loving their new Marie from the Aristocats jumper. 
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5) Disney Store
The Disney Store is always the first place I look for special Disney dresses or Christmas jumpers. They may be pricier than other places but you know the quality is always good. I can't wait to get the girls their Christmas jumpers from there this year.

6) Zara
I've always bought such lovely Disney clothes in Zara. My favourite item was a pair of summer shorts which I got for Ophelia. If only they did them in a bigger size. They currently have the most amazing Disney kids shoes.

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7) Uniqlo
Last up is Uniqlo. I was first introduced to this brand whilst in Disneyworld this year. We bought lots of fab Disney clothes for all of us including hubby. The pricing is very reasonable and they have a huge range. I was very pleased to see you can order in the UK and that there is a store here, but my closet one is rather far. 
Here are some of my current faves online (all images are from the Uniqlo website). 

Where are your favourite places to buy kids Disney clothes?



  1. primark is always a winner with me - so impressed with the range of Disney (and Harry Potter) clothes that they have x

  2. There are some lovely Disney clothing around at the moment I definitely want to check out what primark have.

  3. Great tips, didn't realise half of these retailers sold Disney clothes! Love Primark too. Good ideas for Christmas stocking fillers.

  4. We finally have a Primark close to us in the Algarve and although I got some things for myself for our forthcoming Disney trip, they didn't have anything in the boys range which was disappointing. I've gotten loads for our son from C&A and also a shop called Zippy here in Portugal. I also buy from the Disney Store but I always buy a bigger size so he gets some wear out of the clothes as it can work out expensive from there.

  5. I had no idea Uniqlo and Kath Kidston do Disney clothes I must pop in and have a look!

  6. I've never heard of uniqlo before, but I love those tops. I'm off to take a peek at their stock.

  7. Oh great info for Disney lovers like us here. Need to round up my Christmas shopping.

  8. I love Disney, the Cath Kinston stuff is so gorgeous, I wanted the Dalmatians and Peter Pan stuff the most x

  9. Oh I would love to book a Disney holiday and then go on a massive Disney themed spending spree!

  10. Great selection. Thanks for compiling this list, now I know where to head to :)


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