Friday 17 November 2017

Are We Nearly There Yet? A poem about our road trip to London with our Cosatto car seats

A couple of months ago we received some wonderful new Cosatto Hubbub ISOFIX car seats. We took them on a road trip to London. See how we got on.

“Mum are we there yet?”
She asked as I strapped her in,
“No we’ve not left yet”
I replied whilst thinking about Gin.

The boot was jam packed,
The snacks were ready made,
With our new Cosatto car seats,
We as parents were not afraid.

The journey would be long,
Entertainment was at the ready,
Hubbub car seats with ISOFIX were fixed in,
So, we knew the kids would be steady.

“Are we nearly there yet,”
They chirped from the back,
We strapped them in with the 5-point harness,
This anti-escape system would be a tough one to crack.

We set off for London,
The kids couldn’t wait to arrive,
Half way through the journey,
We were in for a surprise.

“Are we nearly there yet”
She shouted with desperation,
“Will you stop asking that annoying question”
Daddy replied with much frustration.

“But I need a wee”
“I need to go right now”
We raced to the nearest service station,
By the sweat of one’s brow.

“It’s too late, it’s too late”
She shouted on endless repeat,
With removable washable covers,
We didn’t worry about the seat.

“Are we nearly there yet”
She was fed up of sitting still,
“mummy I’ve got something to tell you”
“The smell of my sister’s nappy is making me ill.”

“OH NO” I cried,
“It looks like a poonami”
Another pit stop it is,
The journey was driving us barmy.

We pulled in at the services,
Could we get her out slickly?
But with the quick release harness,
She was out pretty quickly.

We continued our journey,
Along the long m4,
The girls were clearly comfy,
Because they started to snore.

Two sleeping bunnies,
All safe and secure,
In their fab, new car seats,
They looked so innocent and pure.

“Are we nearly there yet”
She asked for the last time,
“Yes we’re in London,”
I replied with a chime.

We unpacked the car,
But didn’t have to take the seat,
They were fitted with ISOFIX,
Not having to carry them was such a relief.

We had a fab time in London,
The kids were easy to please,
Back into her happy stars car seat, 
Littlest thought she was the bee’s knees.

Thank you Cosatto,
The car seats were great,
They’ll last them for years,
More adventures await.

*A big thank you to Cosatto for kindly sending us two car seats for our journey. All opinions are our own*



  1. Awesome poem Kerry. The seats look great too. I really like the extra side part to stop them taking their arms out of their straps. BattleKid went through a phase of doing it last year and a seat like these would have been handy!

  2. Love this poem! So well written and funny! Nice car seats with funky patterns too.

  3. These car seats are sweet. The stars fabric is lovely. They both look nice and comfy on their journey :)

  4. Such a great read. I had to reread it twice. So gripping, Kerry. Where are you on a road trip?

  5. Such a great post! I love that it was in poem form, really funny and sweet :)

    The pattern on those seats is great, I wish I had one, they look so comfy!

    Katie xoxo

  6. The idea of a poem is super cool! And the car seats are so fab too!

  7. What a brilliant poem! Your a woman of many talents Kerry :) I also love the car seat. Pickle has got a cosatto one in a monster print and he loves it and it always gets compliments.

    1. Hehe I’m not sure about the many talents but I’ll thank you anyway xx

  8. Great poem, looks like a great car seat but travelling with kids must be testing on your patience x

  9. We've never been on a road trip before. Great poem!

  10. so impressed with your poem Kerry! I love the style of the car seats, especially the sides of the straps, looks really secure

  11. Oh wow, these car seats look great. Our little boy has Special Needs and escaped his current car seat so we're on the look for something more suitable. I really like the look of these

  12. Ahh such a great poem. :) Those car seats look very comfortable! :D

  13. LOVE this poem! You are so clever and those car seats look great. Car journeys with kids can be hard going though!

  14. I love your poem! it sums up most of our journeys to be honest. I love the harness on this seat as my daughter is pretty good at getting out of most of them these days

  15. What an entertaining way to review a product! Those look like very swish car seats!

  16. I love the designs on these seats they are so different to the normal boring blacks and greys. The anti tamper lock sounds great too. You are so very creative using a poem to review them such a clever idea x

  17. Ah this poem is fab Kerry! The car seats look great too x


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