Friday 10 February 2017

Valentine's Blogger Interview - Toby and Roo

    Next to feature on my Valentine's series is my fab friend Harriet from

     1) Are you married, engaged or in a relationship and for how long?
I’m married and for almost ten years!

2    2) Where did you meet?
I’ve recently written about how we met here ( – it’s a rather long story but essentially I was with the wrong person who left me shortly after we got married – Adam was the wedding co-ordinator and when we bumped into each other in a club he said “How’s married life” and I told him we were divorced and why, he replied “What a fool!” and we’ve never been apart since.

3    3) Where was your first date?
Well, we were already together but our first “date” was at a restaurant in York called Maxi’s Chinese. He dropped a rib down his front.

4    4) Describe your partner in 3 words
Supportive, tactile and handsome

5) What are the things you love about them the most?
I love that Adam is so supportive of my work, he is always the first one to cheer me on with my successes and push me when I’m flapping over a failure.

6    6) What has been the most memorable day you’ve had with them?
Gosh, SO many days! I don’t think I could choose one – labours, our wedding day, going to the wrestling together as a couple for the first time after our daughter was born (first weekend away in years!)… so many days!

 7) Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?
We don’t really!

8    8) If Yes, what do you normally do?
We might get a take out or even go for a date night but it’s not really a big thing for us.

9     9) What has been the best and worst Valentine’s gift or card you’ve ever received?
We don’t do cards!!

1    10) What’s your ideal date night?
 A night at the cinema followed or preceded by a film, failing that a day date somewhere   without the kids!

1   11)What’s your favourite romantic film?
Love actually

1   12)What’s your favourite love song?
Our wedding song – You make it real for me by James Morrison
1   13)What’s your favourite love quote?
Infinity x infinity – it’s something Adam used to say to me. I used to say “I love you” and he would reply “And I love you, infinity x infinity, end of.”

14)What is the most romantic place you’ve ever visited as a couple and where would you like to visit?
Most romantic place? Hmm that’s a tough one. We’ve stayed in some beautiful hotels and made them romantic for ourselves, but we’d both love a couples holiday somewhere like Mauritius!

You can follow Harriet and her blog here:
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  1. This is lovely - he sounds like a keeper and great that he is so supportive. That's such a positive basis for any relationship

  2. I love that he was your wedding co-ordinator - thats amazing. My mother was married before when she was much younger and my father who had just qualified was her divorce lawyer!

    Laura x


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