Saturday 6 June 2015

Bump Watch - Week 16

I've decided to do a series of posts about my 2nd pregnancy called bump watch. They will show you pictures of my bump and how i'm feeling etc. 

Week - 16, hooray 4 months down and 5 to go! 

Baby developments - At the moment baby is the size of an avocado (I love avocados by the way, useless fact there) and weighs around 3 1/2 ounces. Its circulatory system and urinary tract are all now fully working. Its starting to form nails and its legs are taking shape. In the next few weeks baby is going to go through a rather large growth spurt. 

My Bump - As you will see from the picture I am showing already. I had a bump very early on this time around. I am told this is completely normal on your 2nd pregnancy. I do get rather fed up of people telling me how big I am but hey I have another 5 months of it to get used to. I definitely can't fit into my jeans anymore so everything is now on an elasticated waist. Luckily its summer so I can wear maxi dresses and skirts quite a lot. I'm ok for stretch marks at the moment. I haven't noticed any new ones as yet. I haven't got that hormone line that can form all the way down your bump yet and my belly button is still in.

My symptoms - This week i've noticed a new symptom and that is migraines!!! I've never suffered with them before but they are hideous. They make me have blurred vision and they are uncontrollably painful. Annoyingly there's not a lot in the way of pain relief that you are allowed to take when you are pregnant. Due to the migraines I am now getting a lot of nausea. I am still retching when I wake up every morning. The tiredness is still a killer. The doctor seem to think this may be way i'm getting migraines. I am exhausted. I've put this down to being in a job where you are on your feet all day and the fact that I have a toddler to look after. 

Movements - I haven't felt any significant movement but I'm pretty sure I am feeling flutters. Even though this is a 2nd pregnancy it's still hard to tell whether it's wind or not!! It feels like bubbles and butterflies.

Cravings - I didn't have many cravings with Eva and this pregnancy is very similar in that respect. I still haven't had the urge to have to have something and I am not eating anything regularly. I have tried to eat healthily but baby seems to want differently. I end up feeling sick and faint if I eat healthily all day.

Aversions - The hubby had some peanut butter and that made me very sick indeed. Think exorcist style sickness. Just the smell set me off and even the thought of it now is making me queasy. I've never liked it but this has really turned into hatred.

Exercise - I should definitely be doing some exercise but I just haven't got around to it. I think on your first pregnancy you have time to relax, enjoy it, exercise etc but when you have other children to look after it's a totally different ball game. I am more often than not too exhausted to even entertain the idea of just having a walk after I have finished sorting Eva out and exercise is definitely off the cards after a long day at work. 

Baby items purchased - Nothing as yet as I am waiting to see what the sex is.

Best moment this week - With my hormones being all over the place and feeling so tired it was amazing to have Eva constantly telling me how much she loves me. She is so affectionate at the minute which is lovely as I am feeling like a bit of a rubbish mummy due to being shattered.

Worst moment this week - The migraines!!!!! Oh and when Eva decided to randomly say 'Mummy your belly is too big' over dinner. 

What i'm looking forward to - Finding out the sex. I still haven't had a date through for my 20 week scan. I am desperate to find out.

How Eva is feeling - Eva still doesn't quite understand. She knows there is a baby in my belly but that's as far as it goes at the minute.


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