Wednesday 17 June 2015

Bump Watch - Week 18

Week - 18

Baby developments - At the moment baby is the size of a bell pepper and weighs around 7 ounces so the weight has pretty much doubled in 2 weeks. Blood vessels are now visible through the baby's skin and the ears are now fully in place. The gender is now determined because if it's a girl its fallopian tubes and ovaries are now in place and if it's a boy you would be able to see its genitals on an ultrasound (unless it hides them from you). 

My Bump - I've had lots of comments this week about my bump not seeming to have grown. I'm quite happy to take this seeing as baby is about to double its size and length so i'm pretty sure i'll be seeing some bump growth myself very soon. I think with this baby I showed very quickly but at the moment I seem to have formed a nice shape.

My Symptoms - No migraines this week which has been great. I still get retching every morning when I wake up. I have such a bad lower left back, especially when I am sleeping. The pillow I am using to help me sleeping is not doing its job.

Movements - Again no obvious kicks although I am feeling pressure where the baby is pushing against my tummy. You can quite often feel it by placing a hand on the part of the bump that it's pushing against.

Cravings - No cravings still so this is turning out to be a very similar pregnancy to last time in that respect.

Aversions - Still peanut butter! Keep the damn stuff away from me. Even the smell makes me projectile vomit. Gross!

Exercise - Once again I have still not exercised. I really need to but I am seriously so tired. Anyone else feel this tired on their second?

Baby items purchased - None as yet although my friend has discount from the Autumn Next catalogue so i'm pretty sure i'll be buying a few things from that. 

Best moment this week - Having a gender scan and hearing the heartbeat (and all will be revealed very soon....)

Worst moment this week - Hearing how large I am at a wedding we attended. I mean I know I have a big bump but when you here it a hundred times over in one day it gets a bit depressing and makes you feel like pants.

What i'm looking forward to - Feeling some kicks!

How Eva is feeling - Eva got to hear the heartbeat and see the baby in 3d this week so she is being a lot more responsive to being a big sister and starting to understand a bit more.

Love Kerry x

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  1. Aw, gorgeous! Such a lovely bump. It is very tiring second (and in my case also with my third) time round as you already have a child to run round after. I don't know why people feel the need to comment on the size of a bump though - either large or small or whatever. It can be quite upsetting as some of them say it so rudely. You look gorgeous though x

  2. You look awesome! Glad your feeling good -not long till halfway now!

  3. Oh my goodness you have a gorgeous bump! Not huge at all! I remember the tiredness so so well, I hope it passes soon for you. I also have an Eva, she's 10 now :)
    Thanks so much for linking up to #MaternityMatters, so sorry I'm late reading x x x


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