Sunday 28 June 2015

Pregnancy Style - Look 1

I don't know if you are aware but I actually entered the world of blogging as a fashion and beauty blogger, which I still write now over at As you can imagine most of my posts on that blog have dropped off since finding out I was pregnant. I started showing very early on and I was worried that people wouldn't want to read my posts anymore knowing that I was pregnant. A really stupid train of thought I know, but it really did put me off.

Anyway, I got to thinking and realised that pregnant woman can still be fashionable and look nice! I've obviously known this all along but it's taken me 20 weeks to realise it! I've decided to do a series of pregnancy style posts as I always like to make an effort in what I wear and I wanted to show other pregnant ladies that we can break the mould and get out of the stereotypical leggings look. Our bodies may be changing but we are still beautiful and we deserve to feel that way.

I wore this look for a cinema date with the hubby. I always try and make an effort when I go out with him as I always want him to feel proud to call me his wife.  The actual outfit made my bump look huge (the burger we had for dinner probably didn't help either) but I still thought it looked great. It really accentuates a pregnant woman's curvaceous figure in a good way.

The black maxi dress I am wearing is a very old one from New Look. It has honestly lasted me years. I think maxi dresses are an absolute must for any stage of pregnancy. They are very fashionable and above all super comfy to wear. They are ideal to give bump some breathing space. 

The cover up is from Primark. It cost just £11 so an absolute bargain in my opinion. It's very on trend with this summer's key boho and tribal looks. Sometimes when you are pregnant you can feel overly exposed and that people can't stop staring at you, so a cover up is a perfect way to still feel comfortable. This one is really light to wear so perfect for the upcoming heatwave we are apparently going to have. 
I wanted the cover up to be more clinched in so I wore a belt over it. Obviously the belt had to sit over my bump. I think my days of wearing waist belts are long gone, maybe next year hey! The belt again was a cheap one from Primark.

My beautiful bag is a personal favourite of mine and I haven't stopped using it since I was sent it. It's from a brand called Marla London. It's one that will never go out of fashion and will be able to be used through all the seasons. I love the size of it too as I can fit everything I need to in it which is a rarity with smaller sized bags.

I wore some plain and simple black flips flops with this outfit. If you wanted to be adventurous you could try wearing it with some wedges but be careful of your feet. We all know how painful swollen pregnant feet can be.

What do you think of my first pregnancy look? I can't wait to show you more. I am also going to start a pregnancy style linky soon so we will be able to get to see some other yummy mummy looks.

Love Kerry x


  1. You look great kerry, I'm
    33 weeks now and feel like I have no clothes to wear anymore!! Xx

  2. You look amazing, Kerry. I have to admit to living in leggings at the moment which is ironic considering I would never be seen dead in them before pregnancy! On the odd warm day we've had it's been great to crack out the maxi dresses, though.

    I love how you've styled it with the long cover up. Look forward to seeing more! x

    1. Aww thank you Adele. How many weeks are you? xx

  3. You look so good! Hope your feeling good too 😀xx

  4. I love your outfit! You look gorgeous. I loved wearing maxi dresses when I was pregnant. Especially in the hot weather like we are having at the moment. It's lovely to find something that is feminine and classy, which enhances the bump but also keeps you cool too! x

  5. This dress is amazing. I can remember going to a wedding when I was 39 weeks pregnant and it was so difficult to find a flattering dress!


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