Wednesday 30 August 2023

Are Your Kids Getting The Help They Need To Stay Fit?

How much exercise do you think your kids need each day to stay fit? 10 minutes? Half an hour? The answer is actually 60 minutes.

60 minutes! It’s a lot, right? Especially when you consider that many adults struggle to fit in their recommended 30 minutes a day. The good news is that most kids are pretty active during the day playing games and running around, but it doesn’t hurt to make sure they’re getting the physical activity they need. 

Are your kids getting the help they need to stay fit? Here are some ideas that will help keep them get the exercise they need every day.

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Work with your school to maximise opportunities

School is one of the easiest places for your child to get some exercise, but they may not get their 60 minutes there. If you’re worried your kids’ school doesn’t give them enough exercise, why not work with them to help change that? Some of the ways you can help include:

  • Fundraise to build an outdoor playground gym. This could encourage kids to be more active during their breaks.

  • Volunteer to help run after-school sports clubs.

  • Talk to teachers about how much physical activity kids get at school. 

  • Teach your kids some fun games they can play at school during their breaks.

Make fitness a part of your whole family’s routine

Want your kids to be more active? Then you need to set a good example! Making fitness a part of the whole family’s routine can help encourage you all to be a bit fitter, and it keeps things fun too! When you’re looking for ways to keep fit when you can’t be bothered, do something fun with the kids. A quick workout video on YouTube or a family swim is all it takes to get your daily activity in, and enjoy fun with the family at the same time.

Enrol them in some sports for a variety of benefits

An easy way for your kids to enjoy some more exercise is to enrol them in some sports. It’s a good idea to take advantage of some free taster sessions to help your kids find something they enjoy - something they can keep up! Remember that there are all kinds of sports, so whether they prefer football, dance, gymnastics or something else altogether, any kind of physical activity they enjoy should be encouraged.

Encourage some time outside every day

Spending time outside has loads of benefits for physical and mental health. If you can, encourage some time outside every day. A family walk (a great excuse to get a dog!), bike ride or some time in the park will help you all become a little more active. And while yes, it does rain a lot in the UK, you shouldn’t let it put you off going outside - bring out the waterproofs and embrace the weather.

There are a lot of things you can do to help your kids get their 60 minutes in, and who knows, maybe focusing on their fitness will help you focus on your own a little more too.

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