Monday 25 September 2023

Inside and Out: What All Mothers Need to Remember About Beautifying Themselves

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It is something that can loom large in our minds because we're all feeling that we're fighting Old Mother Time. This is why we inevitably pursue certain beauty treatments that offer quick fixes. But what should we remember about beauty treatments? Let's show you a few simple home truths.

Think Twice about the Major Treatments

We can easily invest so much of our money and our mindset into something that promises the earth. There are so many different beauty treatments out there that can make massive changes to how we look and therefore how we feel, but we need to take a step back and look at it properly and ensure it's genuinely what we want. If you’re using something like the Plasma Pen, having the right Plasma Pen aftercare is undoubtedly so important. But we must remember that in order to feel better about ourselves, we ask those important questions as to whether these cosmetic treatments will give us what we want. Take the time to look at those treatments and weigh up the pros and cons before you dive in.

Remembering the Impacts of Stress

So many of us take it for granted that we should just put up with stress, and that is it. In terms of beauty, stress is one of the major contributing factors, which is why your hair starts to go grey, and you have a couple more wrinkles than you did last year. What we have to remember is that your body releases cortisol when it's stressed. This is a hormone that breaks down the proteins in the skin, elastin and collagen, which maintains its elasticity and firmness. Therefore, having a two-pronged approach to this can make a big difference. Look at reducing your stress as a priority, but also think about whether collagen or elastin supplements are worth your while. Collagen supplements can vary in quantities, depending on the providers, which is quite possibly why you may benefit more from introducing collagen into your diet by making foods like bone broth.

Prioritising Nourishment in Body and Mind

As parents, we look for the quick fix because, very simply, we haven't got the time to look into these things that will make a massive impact in the long run. This is why we've got to understand what truly nourishes ourselves. We can look at external beauty treatments, but we certainly have to operate from the inside out. A balanced diet, hydration, and reducing your stress will all contribute to a better version of you. We can all feel that it's all too much from time to time, and you will see the impacts of this on your face as well as in your life. If you really want to stop stressing out about those lines, learn how to stop stressing.

Because the concept of health and beauty covers a wide range of practices, sometimes we think that quick-fix beauty treatments are the best approach. We have to remember that it is far better to go for a holistic approach.

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