Wednesday 19 October 2022

How To Look Stylish With Minimal Effort Required

Looking stylish often feels like an art to those that aren’t naturally gifted in this department. Whether it’s a lack of fashion pieces to not understanding what’s suitable for the body shape, there are many of us who suffer from a wardrobe full of potential that doesn’t quite translate when it comes to casual or evening wear.

However, that can all change with a bit of guidance. Looking stylish can be achieved with minimal effort required. With this in mind, here are a few ways to help look stylish with minimal effort required.

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Invest in good quality clothing

Good quality clothing is the key to great style. That quality clothing is going to help with styling pieces and complimenting them with other garments.

After all, well-stitched and put-together trousers are going to compliment that rich, luxurious quality shirt. By investing in great quality clothing, it’s going to do wonders for one’s sense of style and being able to team pieces together with more ease.

Focus on key statement pieces

When it comes to styling, it’s all about finding a focus for the outfit. For example, if you’ve got a simple black dress, why not bring in the waist with a statement belt that has gold or silver hardware detailing? A cashmere hoodie is a statement in itself and it’s a luxury item that will last forever.

These key statement pieces can take an everyday outfit, into something that looks as if it’s just walked off the Pinterest boards. Think about adding some statement pieces to the wardrobe and notice the elevation that comes with each outfit. 

Stick to neutrals

Neutrals are important to focus on because they tend to go with pretty much everything. It’s also something that can be used as a base colour to go on top of others.

As someone who wants to be stylish, you can’t really go wrong if you stick to neutral pairings. From cream tops to brown trousers and white dresses, sticking to neutral is always good for executing style without much effort.

Apply a bit of lipstick and mascara

In 2022, makeup is for everyone so this doesn’t apply to just the women reading this article. To elevate a look and to make it feel more put together, apply a bit of lipstick and mascara. It’s a very simple makeup look that requires very little effort but can certainly add colour to the face.

Mascara is a great way of opening up the eyes and making it look as if the person has had more sleep than they’ve actually had. With lipstick, that pop of colour can really help with adding something extra to the outfit - especially if it’s a neutral outfit!

When in doubt - wear black

If in doubt, wear black. Black is a slimming colour but it’s also a great option for those who don’t really have much fashion sense available. Again, like a lot of neutral colours, it can also be a great base for layering other pieces on top or alongside it.

Hopefully, these tips will give any lost individual, the direction they need to become a fashionista!

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