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6 Useful Skincare Tips For Your Newborn

6 Useful Skincare Tips For Your Newborn 

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A newborn's skin is usually fragile and more susceptible to infections and thermal and chemical damage. Therefore, prioritising their skincare becomes essential to build their skin's resistance to these. Moreover, you can reduce their risks of developing conditions like flaky skin and melanoma. Here are some great skincare tips you can leverage for the best results. 

  1. Adopt the proper bathing routine 

You may be tempted to bathe your baby regularly, although this may be more harmful than beneficial. Excess exposure to water can dry out their skin and increase their risk of eczema. On the other hand, bathing them too little can also trigger other skin infections. The key is to determine the best times to bathe your newborn. You don't need to bathe them daily- experts recommend doing this twice or thrice weekly. 

Instead, consider topping and tailing, involving washing their neck, face, hands and bottom. As a tip, do this when your baby is awake and content, and ensure that the room has a suitable temperature. You can consider these techniques if you need help performing topping and tailing. You also want to stick to sponge baths until your newborn's umbilical cord falls off, so keep this in mind.  

  1. Choose the right skincare products 

As stated earlier, your baby's skin is fragile and susceptible to chemical damage. Therefore, you want to be particular about what skincare products you purchase. You want to avoid products with synthetic fragrances, as they can irritate sensitive skin. Phthalates and Phenoxyethanol should be avoided since they can interfere with human development and cause skin blistering. Other ingredients to avoid are formaldehyde, parabens, sulphates, talc, and so on. Instead, consider products with natural ingredients like avocado, beeswax, aloe vera, jojoba oil, shea butter, olive oil, and calendula, among others. Your newborn may need products such as petroleum jelly, soaps and shampoos, baby oil and lotion, so keep this in mind when shopping for skincare products. 

  1. Don't expose your baby to direct sunlight 

Spending time outdoors may be great, but you want to avoid taking your baby out if the sun's up. Their skin is still maturing, and direct exposure to sunlight can burn their skin severely, causing pain and itching. Moreover, they risk developing skin cancer and overheating, which can cause heatstroke. Experts advise keeping your baby away from the sun until the sixth month. If you must step out with them, ensure that a canopy or an umbrella properly shades them. Also, giving them breastmilk or water can keep them hydrated in hot weather, so feel free to consider this. While sunscreen is great, you should consult your healthcare provider before applying it to your baby's skin. 

  1. Massage your baby regularly 

Baby massage is beneficial for many reasons. For starters, it improves blood circulation to the skin, reducing dry patches and improving its appearance. In addition, it reduces stress and improves their heart rate. Seeing these benefits, you want to consider massaging your baby if you haven't already. And you can begin by setting the mood, playing soft music, and dimming the lights. Consequently, ensure that your touch is gentle and you target the important body parts like the feet, arms, hands, chest and back area. You can also heighten the experience by leveraging coconut oil or diluted essential oils, so keep this in mind. 

  1. Don't hesitate to change their wet diapers

You don't want your baby to be in wet diapers for a prolonged period, as it can trigger diaper rash. If your baby begins to act fuzzy and you notice sore, tender skin in the diaper area, your newborn may have developed the condition. In this case, remedies like hydrocortisone acetate can be effective. Wet diapers can also cause yeast and bladder infections, so keep this in mind. Changing your newborn's disposable diaper every two to three hours is advisable. However, 90 minutes is ideal if you use a cloth diaper, so feel free to consider this. 

  1. Invest in the right clothing 

Admittedly, some clothing may appear beautiful. However, you want to only purchase them after determining the kind of fabric used. As a tip, avoid buying synthetic fibres like nylon and polyester; these fabrics aren't breathable and can cause itching and eczema flareup. You also want to avoid wool as it can irritate the skin due to its rough nature. Instead, invest in cotton, bamboo rayon, gauze and Minky. 

Prioritising your baby's skincare is beneficial for many reasons. And you can achieve this with the tips listed above. 

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