Monday 22 June 2020

What Can A Cosmetic Treatment Do For Me?

There might be something about your physical appearance that you're not entirely happy with; it could be a new thing or something that has been with you for some time. Our bodies and physical appearances do change as we age and respond to life events. This is entirely normal. It’s healthy, for instance, for the size and shape of our bodies to alter, for our hair to thin and sometimes to disappear, and for blemishes to appear on the skin in response to regular exposure to the sun. For many people these changes can be unsettling, and may take some time to adjust too if treatment is not an option. For others there are some cosmetic procedures available to fix minor age and lifestyle related issues. 

That said, a cosmetic procedure can be a big decision to make and it’s a good idea to reflect on your real needs and motivations for such an option. All procedures carry some risk, they can be expensive, and if you aren’t completely happy with the outcome it can have a serious effect on your mental and emotional health. In some cases, more so than the issue in question. Consider the changes that are occurring, is it something you’ve wanted to change for a long time? Are you strong enough mentally to cope with a treatment that doesn’t turn out as you hoped. Remember, your physical appearance is only one part of who you are and your wellbeing can be improved with healthy eating, meaningful work, and nourishing friendships. 

Skin Rejuvenation

Over time our skin begins to tell a story:  the story of our youth, the vacations we took in our twenties, and of its general daily maintenance. At some point we may look in the mirror and notice some unwanted blemishes have appeared. This is when skin rejuvenation treatments can help. They are a minimally invasive treatment that can resurface your skin using lasers or remove blemishes with chemical peels. Laser resurfacing, for instance, removes the top layer of skin and encourages new growth underneath. Consider skin rejuvenation if you notice sun or age spots, or your skin has been damaged from bad acne. 

Hair Transplant 

Contrary to popular belief hair loss can affect women as well as men. There are two transplant methods to choose from the FUE hair transplants
or the FUT method. The FUE method however  is by far the most common. It involves removing individual hair follicles from other parts of the body and transplanting them on the head using small incisions. On the day, you will be given a local anesthetic to numb the area, and hair follicles will be extracted using a unique tool. The procedure is non-invasive and you can leave the clinic after thirty minutes. Special aftercare should be ensured for ten days following the treatment and results can be expected in two or three months.

Facial Rejuvenation

Facial rejuvenation doesn’t only mean a facelift - it also includes an eyelid lift, a neck lift, and a brow lift. These are non-invasive procedures intended to restore your youthful appearance. With a neck lift, for instance, a combination of liposuction and muscle tightening is used to remove any unwanted fat and to straighten out wrinkles. It can be done in conjunction with a facelift for optimal results. Your treatment options for facial rejuvenation will depend on your personal goals which can be discussed during your consultation.     

Body Contouring

If you're a mom who has recently given birth, you might think about body contouring as a way to restore your pre-pregnancy dimensions. Treatments include a tummy tuck, liposuction, and thigh-lifts. A tummy tuck will remove any excess skin and fat brought about by pregnancy by making an incision below the belly button and separating the skin from the abdominal wall. It will also remove stretch marks by tightening the abdominal muscles. For best results, this treatment should be combined with exercise and healthy eating. 

Facial Contouring

Facial contouring is a non-invasive reconfiguration procedure to enhance your facial features and reduce the signs of ageing. As we age our skin naturally loses its firmness and wrinkles begin to appear - especially around the eyes. The procedure uses a combination of techniques such as dermal fillers, liposuction, and botox, to eliminate the signs of aging and create more symmetry in the facial features eliminating natural inconsistencies. The type of treatment you decide on will depend on your physical characteristics and your personal goals.   

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