Thursday 11 June 2020

Don’t Let These Things Hold You Back When It Comes To A Lifestyle Change

Many of us have been struggling with lockdown, and now that it is starting to ease, you may have clocked up a few things you want to change or improve upon. That might be to do with losing weight, getting our finances in order or finally going for that promotion in work. But what some of us would really like is to change is our lifestyle in general. This tends to cover the food we eat, the way we feel both physically and mentally, and are habits like whether we smoke or drink. But, too often we can feel held back, that something stops us from achieving that lifestyle we so desperately want. With that in mind, here are some areas that could be the cause of you feeling you can’t achieve your goals, and hopefully this might help you get back on track to make those changes. 

Is your body stopping you?

Sometimes we can have the very best intentions of getting fitter, eating healthier and just feeling good about ourselves, but our bodies can have different ideas. You may find that you feel pain or struggle to take on exercise, and that might be because you have an underlying problem or a niggling injury. Which is actually more common than you would think. It might be time to visit a specialist such as an osteopathic clinic or a doctor. It’s worth tackling whatever is causing you pain or discomfort head on to help you carry on as you mean to go on. 

Is it your mindset?

Our minds are powerful tools, and they can ultimately play tricks on us. We may start with good intentions, but if you have a negative mindset and thought process then the chances are you won’t carry on or just quite. Negative thoughts can impact us more than we realise, so it's important to work on that thought process and try and have a positive outlook and approach to daily life. Doing this could have a huge impact in more ways than one. 

Are you setting unrealistic goals?

We all have that big goal and motivation, it will possibly be the reason you started this journey, but those goals are often the big end result, and sometimes if we focus too much on that we can get disheartened when we don’t get results. While those big dreams are good, it’s worth setting yourself small, realistic goals to help you on track. This can be a big motivator to help you stick to the path. 

Do you really want this change?

If you find yourself struggling the question you need to be asking yourself is if this is something you really want to do. Is it for you or to make someone else happy. Subconsciously you may be happy with the way things are, and someone else is encouraging you to make the changes. It might be time to address those issues. 

Do you want to know how to stop being held back?

Finally, figuring out what the root cause is can only be a positive thing. It will help you move forward and tackle the issues before it stops you achieving your full potential. Keep positive and stay on course and you will start to look and feel exactly as you want to. 

Let’s hope highlighting these things helps you get back on track. 

*This is a collaborative response*

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