Sunday 28 July 2019

Peppa Pig's Big Red Car Review

Peppa Pig has been Ophelia's favourite TV programme for years. She has quite a few Peppa Pig themed toys so she was delighted to receive Peppa Pig's Big Red Car to review. The idea for imaginative play is that Mummy and Peppa Pig are going on a picnic. 

The new big red car comes packed full of entertainment. In the box you get:
  • The Car which plays a tune
  • Mummy Pig and Peppa Pig in cute picnic outfits
  • Removable hat for Mummy Pig
  • A picnic hamper that opens
  • A table/blanket
  • A small BBQ
  • A bottle of drink
  • Plates with food on them
  • Batteries 2xAAA included (hooray)

Ophelia was over the moon when she opened the box. The push a long 4 seater car is a good size and is sturdy. It's quite lightweight to handle and carry. It fits 4 characters in total (small sized ones in the back). The car comes with Peppa Pig and Mummy Pig but if you already have any others from the collection then they will also fit.

Her favourite feature is the fact that the car plays one of the familiar tunes from Peppa Pig when you press the steering wheel.

She also loves the fact that you can open and close the boot which is where you can store all of your picnic essentials. 

She hasn't stopped playing with the car since it arrived. She often takes it out with her if we are going places and for once we actually don't mind as it's light to carry and all of the accessories can be stored in the boot so there's no chance of losing them.

Overall, Peppa's Big Red Car is a great toy which has provided hours of entertainment so far. You can find it at Smyth's Toys retailing at £24.99

*We were kindly sent the car in exchange for a review. All of our opinions are our own and are honest*


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  1. i can see by her face that she is totally immersed in a fantasy. Great product


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