Wednesday 31 July 2019

When Was The Last Time You Just Sat Down And Relaxed As A Family?

If there’s anything that can symbolize 2019, it’s a continual rush, a sense of digital isolation, and sometimes, social disenfranchisement. A family have every opportunity to overcome this, but it can be hard to implement the solutions. This is where deciding to make real, fundamentally important changes, such as sitting down and relaxing as a family, can make the most difference. 

When was the last time you did this? We’re not talking about Christmas or a birthday, or taking an evening meal together (although this can also be wonderful.) We mostly mean the art of relaxing, sitting down on the sofa, talking and perhaps experiencing something together like a movie. If you haven’t had that for some time, it can be that you miss doing so. This is a saddening and quite upsetting state of affairs. But there’s no reason why this should be considered a distant possibility. Let us help you enact changes to these ends, pushing you forward to an experience you most want to keep:

Schedule For The Same Time

It can be hard to bring everyone together for an impromptu meeting. Your daughter might have a band recital, your son might have a sports event to go to, or you might all just feel tired on a particular night. When your family expects a nightly meeting and fun experience, they will likely be more encouraged to stay part of it. Perhaps every Friday night you might watch a movie together, setting up Chromecast towards your big screen Why not decide to order nice food together during this, or perhaps bundle this with other activities you can enjoy? The more, the better.

Treat Yourselves

Ordering takeout food such as beautiful Chinese or Thai meals can help the family come together and enjoy food they might not usually eat. This can certainly bring people together and help a sense of shared optimism. There’s almost nothing better to bring people together than eating food and trying new things through that activity. This leads to discussion, jokes and comfort. Then, a nice sit down on the sofa after as you feel bloated and truly full up. We all know the feeling. There’s a strange sense of satisfaction and guilt to it. And it’s always best felt among family.

Spend Some Time Outside
In the beautiful midst of summer, a gorgeous barbecua, and outdoor pool (inflatable or perhaps a feature of the house,) and the ability to relax and sit around can be some of the best stress-busting you will ever experience. Spending some time outside gives you that true possibility of deflating, of once again eating good food, and of drinking a glass of wine or two. Connect with your family by asking them how they are, an update to see how things are proceeding. It shouldn’t be forced.

You’ll find true comfort and a worthwhile evening spent with this advice. So what are you waiting for?

*This is a collaborative post*


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