Thursday 25 July 2019

Looking After Your Sight: Why You Should Visit Your Optometrist 100%

Your eyes are a work of art. By evolutionary design, they are beautiful and fascinating to look at. But when you consider the clarity of the information that they send to your brain, it's absolutely amazing. 

But imagine if it was all gone. If one day, you could no longer look at flowers or your pets. You'd miss seeing the smiles on the faces of those you love. You wouldn't be able to sit and read your favourite book, or scroll through Instagram.

Don't take your eyesight for granted. It's one of the best senses to have, and without it, life would become a massive challenge. 

If you have not had your eyes tested in a long time, then you need to book in to see your optometrist as soon as possible. Keeping your eyes healthy is so important. 

Your Eye Test

Your optometrist will discuss any health issues you may have. They will ask you about any headaches or migraines that you may suffer with, as well as questions about your lifestyle. 

An eye test is pretty straightforward, and in all will only take around twenty minutes to half an hour. You'll be asked to wear a set of lenses and read from a letter chart while the optometrist switches these lenses to understand your eyes better. 

This test is looking to see if you either short-sighted or long-sighted. If your eye is too long, or too short, the distance the light travels through your eye can cause problems with the image your brain receives. If you are short-sighted, then you will struggle to see distances clearly, while being able to see up close clearly. For long-sighted people, the reverse is true, and anything close up will be a blur. 


For short and long-sightedness, your optometrist may ask you to wear corrective lenses. These lenses might be worn all of the time, or just while doing certain activities. 

You can look at getting glasses or contact lenses. There are benefits to both, and ultimately the choice is yours. 

Biotrue ONE day Contact Lenses are simple to use and disposable. They don't require fiddling around trying to put them in solution every night. You don't need to panic if you lose a lense. They are straightforward to use, and after a few uses will feel natural and comfortable. 

Monthly contact lenses are similar, except one pair will last you a whole month. You'll need to clean them every night.

Contact lenses are available in most prescription strengths and can even be worn if you need varifocals. They are relatively inexpensive compared to how much they have cost in years gone by. 

Spectacles have long been the most popular choice. Every style you can imagine is available and for every face shape. 

Glasses can be very fashionable, with many people choosing to wear glasses even when they don't need them. 

A visit to the optometrist needn't be a stressful time and dealing with problems with your eyes now, can save you in the long run. 

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