Wednesday 23 May 2018

5 Recipes Using Red Wine

Red Wine is by far one of my favourite drinks. I love nothing more than enjoying a glass whilst eating a cheeseboard. However, it is also great to use in cooking. Wine that has been opened for a few days and perhaps passed its prime dinking time is ideal for cooking with. I'm a strong believer that throwing wine away should be illegal. If I ever have any leftover I often use it for marinades, sauces or within a dish to add some flavour. 

Here are some of my favourite recipes using Red Wine:

1) Baked Chorizo and Asparagus Risotto by Charlotte's Lively Kitchen

Chorizo and Red Wine are a match made in heaven. We love Chorizo in our house and we are always trying to find speedy, delicious recipes for our suppers. 

You can read the full recipe and method at Baked Chorizo and Asparagus Risotto 

2) Slow Cooker Bolognese by Frugal Family

In a busy household a slow cooker is a must. I always find cooking something slowly really brings out the flavour and the smell will have your mouth watering for hours.

You can read the full recipe and method at Slow Cooker Bolognese

3) Vegetarian Bourguignon by Mummy in a Tutu

Whenever I think of Red Wine being used in recipes, Bourguignon always springs to mind. This one is actually Slimming World friendly too. 

You can read the full recipe and method at Vegetarian Beef Bourguignon

4) Beef Cobbler by Munchies and Munchkins

A cobbler is the ultimate in comfort food. This one is ideal for those cold, winter days.

You can read the full recipe and method at Beef Cobbler

5) Chorizo Tapas by Mark Sergeant 

During the summer months we love to have Tapas feasts in the garden. As i've already said Chorizo is a firm favourite with hubby and I.

You can read the full recipe and method at Chorizo Tapas

Have you ever cooked with Wine before? What are your favourite recipes?

*This is a a collaborative post*



  1. Ohh all of these sound delicious, I love cooking with wine! Adds so much taste and flavour (but also cause you have an excuse to have a drink in hand while cooking lol)

  2. I've never cooked with red wine before, these recipes do look great


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