Sunday 30 July 2017

I've Rebranded - Welcome to

If you're a regular reader of my blog then you'll have noticed my blog name and url has changed. All about a mini Norris had served me well but I felt the name didn't reflect the direction the blog had taken. When I started this blog it was solely written about my eldest daughter Eva and parenting. When I became pregnant again, it documented my pregnancy. It was mainly about my girls and nothing else but that has changed.

For a while now it has been more of a lifestyle blog talking about their lives as-well as my own personal one. This is probably to do with the fact that as the kids have gotten older, I'm feeling like I have more of my own identity back and i'm starting to enjoy my own passions in life again. I've been discussing fashion, travel, beauty, mental health, food, fitness, my own days out and life etc.

After speaking to lots of my close blogging friends we decided that my name would be the best name for the blog,. After all, this blog is documenting every aspect of my life so it was the perfect fit. I purchased the domain quite a few months ago but it's taken me this amount of time to actually bite the bullet and change over. It's such a difficult thing to do when you have an established blog as you lose a lot of your statistics and you worry your readers won't find you etc. 

I needed a new logo etc for my rebrand and I was advised to ask a fellow blogger Alex from What Alex Did. He was fantastic and came up with the perfect logo that reflects everything i'm about.

He also created an into video for me which is just perfect. I wanted it to show that i'm still working so it features me in my scrubs, the kids, travel and the fact we love Disney. Oh and we got me with a glass of red wine in it which is a regular look for me (haha). 

Anyway enough rabbiting on. Welcome to A family, lifestyle and travel blog. 


  1. Love ur new logo. I've used my own name for my blog since I set it up purely out of not knowing what to actually call my blog.

  2. Love the new look and name. I shall bookmark your logo designer I really like it.

  3. I hope everything is going well with the rebrand. It is something I have considered but will I ever stop being a tired mummy?!

  4. I love the video! I was wondering where you got that from, may have to look at getting one done. Good luck with the rebrand.

    1. Thank you. The blogger what Alex did created it for me.

  5. Super - love the logo Kerry! All the best with this new chapter :D

  6. Love the new look! & its been great to see the progression of your blog.


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