Friday 28 July 2017

Breakfast at Servini's Cardiff

One of my favourite meals of the day is breakfast and lucky for me Servini's in Cardiff kindly invited myself and hubby along to try out their menu. Servini's is located in the wonderful Wyndham Arcade which is the oldest arcade in Cardiff. They are an independent cafe who have been around for nearly 50 years offering freshly cooked food.

The cafe itself is very cosy but with a modern theme. You can sit inside or outside in the arcade which is ideal for sipping a coffee whilst people watching. The staff make you feel welcome as soon as you arrive and they are very accommodating. 

The breakfast menu is big and varied and the best thing about it is that it is served all day long. We honestly couldn't choose as it all sounded amazing. You can have things such as a cooked breakfast, pancakes, smoked salmon, porridge etc. 

There are also plenty of drink's choices ranging from coffees to Bloody Mary's. I chose a latte and hubby had a filter coffee which we both enjoyed.

After much deliberating I chose the 'Avocado muffin' with Halloumi and Bacon and hubby chose 'Egg's how you like them' with Black Pudding and Bacon. My mouth was salivating whilst watching other people's breakfasts arrive at their tables. It all looked so tasty (especially the pancake stack which I will definitely try next time we go). 

The food arrived quickly and we were desperate to tuck in. My food was honestly heaven on a plate. It tasted as amazing as it looked. The mashed avocado was so fresh and it was paired with lime, onion and tomato to give it an almost salsa vibe. It added a kick to the dish and tasted of summer. The eggs were poached to perfection. I was really glad I decided to add the Bacon and Halloumi as it gave the dish a salty texture which combined with mashed avocado, made a perfect contrast. All of the ingredients bounced off each other. 

The portion size was very generous and I was comfortably full until I had my dinner in the evening. 

Hubby was also massively impressed with his breakfast. He said the hollandaise sauce was spot on and you could easily tell that it was cooked fresh. He was also impressed with the portion sizes.

Overall, we had one of the best breakfasts we've had in Cardiff for a long time. The venue itself is ideally located. The atmosphere is lovely. You could easily sit there for a while sipping coffee watching the world go by. The food was out of this world. It was all perfectly cooked and tasted so fresh. The dishes are incredible value for money as you are getting quite a lot on your plate. The staff also added to the experience. We will definitely be returning and I have been recommending it to everyone I know. Top tip if you go there - be sure to get yourself some Welsh cakes to take away, they are divine. 

*Thank you to Servini's for providing us with breakfast in exchange for our honest opinions in this post*


  1. Breakfast is so important and ifyou can combine it with a trip to a restaurant then its fab. Servinis looks great and the food looks fab. Will certainly try it when im down that way

  2. I've been meaning to try here - I usually stop off in Milk & Sugar for brunch so will give this a whirl sometime.
    Liking the new blog design/rebrand too :)

  3. This looks amazing, both the restaurant and the food. I think I would struggle to choose what to try first!
    (hubby helping out)

  4. The Avocado muffin sounds amazing, it also seems like its got a lovely atmosphere as well. I will definitely come and try out the breakfast here.

  5. This place looks amazing and the food sounds absolutely delicious. I'll definitely have to try them out soon!

  6. They look so good!! The menu also looks so delicious


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