Sunday 16 October 2016

The Siblings Project - October

It's been a couple of months since I last wrote a siblings post. You can read the last one here, August post.

A lot has changed since my last post. Eva started preschool which she attends at our local primary school, 5 days a week from 9am - 11.30am. This means Ophelia is alone with me for a couple of hours. I love the fact that we get some alone time together, even if it is for a very short amount of time. 
I don't think this has had an effect on their relationship yet. Perhaps it will when she will be full time from next September.

Ophelia also goes to nursery one day a week for a full day. If i'm not working on that day then I get to spend some quality time with Eva. I think she needs this time as she does still feel quite left out.

The girls' relationship and bond is getting stronger and stronger every month. I've never hidden the fact that for a long time I found it very difficult to get them to bond. Eva really wasn't interested. Thankfully she is now including her sister in a lot of things.

Ophelia is more on the move which of course makes her a lot more appealing to her sister. She's not walking yet but the fact that she can get herself from room to room makes Eva chase her. They also seem to be play fighting already. This usually starts when Eva rolls over her and then we get a lot of hair pulling and general scraping. It's quite amusing to watch as it shows Ophelia trying to stand her own ground.

Ophelia is now quite vocal too. She says mama and dada and i'm sure in her own way she is trying to say Eva. They constantly have little chats or shouting matches together. The cutest thing is when they both have giggling fits. Ophelia also claps whenever Eva is singing or dancing which she loves.

In the last couple of weeks Ophelia decided she didn't want to breastfeed anymore. I was devastated. However, it's meant that Eva can help with giving her a bottle which she really enjoys. It makes her feel important and she loves helping out.

Next month is a busy month for them. We have lots of big family birthdays, daddies birthday and Ophelia's first birthday so we are busy making plans for all of that. Ophelia's birthday will be a very new experience for Eva. I'm not entirely too sure how we get her to realise it's all for Ophelia and not her. She's still not great at sharing. Any tips?
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  1. That's so cute where Eva is giving her the bottle. I found that once my littlest was moving and interacting more it really helped them to play together x

  2. They are adorable! My two definitely enjoyed each others company more when Parker started moving, before that they can't play as much can they haha :) xx

  3. They're so cute and it sounds like they get on so well x

  4. It's so good to hear you have seen a difference and that a bond is starting to form - I do think it gets easier as time goes on and they become more mobile and more interesting for the older sibling. Can't wait to read your next update

    Laura x

  5. So much happening and lovely that you can have time with both girls separately at times. Love that Ophelia is now talking as well, that is such a nice thing to hear them say mummy xxx

  6. There are so cute together! You can see how much they love each other. It just gets better and better X

  7. So lovely that their bond is getting strong what a gorgeous little pair!

  8. It's lovely that you get to spend some time alone with each of the girls. I have an older Sister and we are so close, it was lovely growing up together x

  9. Aw what little cuties!
    It's so nice watching an older sibling take care of the younger one isn't it? My boys are exactly the same :) x

  10. They look and sound like they are the very best of friends, they are such lovely girls xx

  11. This is so sweet, the building of that sibling bond is just priceless. We have 11 years between our boys so it took time too but Archie worships his bug brother & Brandon has some amazing patience with Archie x

  12. What a lovely post! Your two are so beautiful. It's really nice that Eva enjoys feeding her sister and can help with that now :)

    Jordanne ||

  13. It does look as though a close bond has been formed between Eva and Ophelia form these photos x

  14. Lovely post. You will need to give Eva some presents when Ophelia has a birthday and do the same for Ophelia when Eva has a birthday


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