Tuesday 25 October 2016

Guest Post - 5 Items For Last Minute Halloween Preparation

Over the course of the next few days I will be bringing you guest posts from other bloggers all centred around the theme of halloween. The first post is from my blogging friend Beth who writes over at http://twinderelmo.co.uk/. Here she shows you 5 items you should have around your home that will help with last minute panic plans for halloween. This is going to be very useful to me as I can put my hand up and say, I am very last minute when it comes to being prepared for Halloween.
The last few years I've been so unorganised when it comes to Halloween. I always decide on the day that we should do something and whilst the last few years Charlie has made do with a skeleton onesie I always tried to make a bit of an effort to get into the spirit. But at 4.30pm on Halloween it can be a bit of a panic so here's 5 items you probably have knocking around that can help you add a touch of Halloween magic and look a bit spooky.
  1. Dry shampoo - this is just brilliant for creating spooky grey hair (and perfect for one night that you don't have to worry about your actual greys!)
  2. Crackle nail varnish - dark or crackle nail varnish gives an extra gothic look - I like to have black or white to get into the spirit!
  3. Eye liner - heap it on for a scary witch or it can double up as cat whiskers drawn on your cheeks. A simple way to add a splash of face paint and get into the spirit at the last minute!
  4. Leopard print - the perfect accessory to your eye liner face paint as you can rock the cat theme. Team with black leggings and a black top and voila!
  5. Talcum powder - this again is great for white skin and white hair to go for the typical Halloween look and is super easy to wash off.
So incredibly simple to enter you into the spirit as you trot along behind the kids as they go trick and treating. Believe me - this is my fail safe!
Happy Halloween



  1. My little one is scared of all things Halloween but we used to have a party each year before he came along. I had no idea that dry shampoo could create a grey-haired look though. I will be sharing that tip.

  2. Finally something I can use the talcum powder hoard that I got given when my son was born. Seriously never ever used the stuff and got loads of it!

  3. Great tips! Really useful especially for the coming Halloween :)

  4. Love your tips! A big white sheet does me and hides all my flaws Lol

  5. Yes! Dry shampoo is a great idea for grey hair! Fab ideas x

  6. I love these ideas! What great tips and I will definitely be using talc and dry shampoo now

  7. Great tips! I am always preparing for Halloween last minute. Have a party to attend tomorrow and still have no idea about my Halloween costume.

  8. Fab tips!! Things I can actually be bothered to do as well, usually once I've dressed up the little one I'm not so fussed about me but that's not as fun is it? ;)

  9. great ideas - hadn't thought of using dry shampoo. Need some crackle nail varnish in my life!

  10. Great tips hun! I had no idea about the dry shampoo definitely going to try this next year instead of using hair spray.
    Thanks for sharing
    Charlotte x

  11. fab dry shampoo is a great one it also really holds back combed crazy hair!


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