Monday 31 October 2016

Guest Post - Halloween Party Games for Adults and Children

My final halloween guest post comes from Charlotte who writes at Here she tells you about some games that are perfect for everyone.

So Halloween is nearly upon us and you have a party to plan with your friends or one with the kids perhaps? Then this post is packed full of ideas for adults and children. Most the games below contain alcohol but you can swap them for sweets and treats for the kids. 

So decorate your living room and your garden if it's nice weather, and have some fun with quite a few giggles I can assure with these games. (trust me, I literally had a doughnut smack me in the face, I know a dream right but a cruel one)

So Lets start:- 

There are the obvious - Ducking Apples but with a twist for adults, fill a bowl with alcohol, cider, beer anything you like, carve numbers into the apples turning them numbers down into the water, and then duck for them! Whatever number you bring up that is the number of shots you have to drink and also consume the alcohol filled apple! 
For kids, obviously just water and only carve numbers 1-4 then if they bring up a 3 then they get a treat and if 1 then something boring like having to eat a vegetable.

Pumpkin hiding, get pumpkins (get everyone to bring one along) carve them out and put alcohol bottles in some of them. It's a treat and a thrill to find the alcohol. Kids could be the same but for chocolate sweets. If you are really creative you could give clues to the pumpkins or just let them run wild.

Pumpkin racing - place pumpkin between legs and race each other to a finish line (great if got a big garden) Trust me though it’s not as easy as it sounds, you have to grasp it enough but not squish it. I’ve tried it and it has been hilariously funny the waddling we were doing. 

Mummy wrap - Great if already a bit tipsy. Split into pairs, one has a toilet roll and wrap, spinning the other around to wrap one up like a mummy. Perhaps make a forfeit on the team who fails to make them drink a horrible shot.

Hang the doughnut-  (The time I got smacked in the face by a doughnut numerous times) Tie ringed doughnuts up with a strip just above head height with perhaps a drawing pin and everyday string. Then spin around and try to grab your doughnut - For adults, make a forfeit for the last person to do a shot or such. 

Stocking head - Put a tennis ball in one end of a pair of tights then put the crotch over your head so the tennis ball is hanging over your face. Have a line up of water bottles on the floor, bend over and two of you race to knock over all the bottles. The winner gets a nice alcoholic drink/treat, the loser a not so nice shot. 

Pumpkin golf - Carve out big pumpkins with massive mouths and get creative with eyes and such. Get kids gold clubs and plastic balls, start playing with the course all around the downstairs/upstairs of the house. Trust me this is very fun!

I hope you have a fun and spooktacular evening (ha. cheesy I know!) Don’t forget to post all those hilarious pictures on social media and let me know to follow you and laugh with you. 

Happy Halloween, 

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  1. Now pumpkin racing definitely does sound like a lot of fun, especially after a few drinks x

  2. I love the hunt the pumpkin! Put gin in it and i would definitely find it quickly

  3. These games sound amazing! I don't do much on Halloween, but next year I may have to just to suggest these games ;)

  4. I love apple bobbing, but it is really difficult to do. Pumpkin racing sounds worth a go.

  5. These are some fantastic ideas and I hope everyone had a really god Halloween this year

    Laura x

  6. I love the Hanging doughnut and Pumpkin golf. It will be a really fun to play in a group. Thanks for sharing such amazing games.


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