Sunday 10 April 2016

You know you were a child born in the mid 80's when

I see a lot of these type of posts going around the internet and I love them. There's nothing more fun than reminiscing about childhood memories and of course being able to giggle at them. So here's my take on if you were a child born in the mid 80's. Please note this is mainly relating to girly things:

What you were watching:
When you were very young you were enjoying Captain Planet, after all he was our hero, taking pollution down to zero. I bet you didn't know that Phil Collins wrote the lyrics to that! True fact. 
What about Gummi Bears, bouncing here and there and everywhere. I bet you can't remember that it was actually made by Disney.
Sunday mornings were spent watching Sharky and George, the crime busters of the sea, followed by inspector gadget. 

As you grew a older TV became a bit more sophisticated. Game shows were popular. You loved knightmare (even if it was slightly scary at times with that mask thing they had to wear at the end). You desperately wanted to go on funhouse. I mean there were prizes to be won!! I applied so many times. Your Saturday mornings were spent watching Live and Kicking. How good was that?! Much better than the rubbish on children's tv now. Do you still remember the phone number? Hubby has just sung it to me! 01818118181. You also watched a lot of blue peter and you craved a badge. I've got one!!!

On regular TV you watched Grange Hill and Byker Grove. You watched PJ and Duncan's relationship flourish and admit it, you cried your eyes out when PJ became blind after the paintball incident. 

Then your teenage years hit and you uncovered the wonderful world of Nickelodeon. You would race home to watch Sister Sister, Kenan and Kel, Saved by the bell and Hang time. You were also still secretly watching Rugrats although you'd never admit to it friends.

What you were wearing:
Well looking back now didn't we all look like plonkers but at the time we were ridiculously cool.

On our feet were a pair of Doc Martens. You were super cool if you had pattern ones. You also had jellies. 

For jewellery you had to have a slap band and a mood ring. Your necklaces were chockers. You also had rubber bands although i'm pretty sure they used to be called sh*g bands. You also had best friend necklaces in which you gave your friend the other half. These were mainly brought from Argos. Everything was daisies and ying yang. Peace to the world baby. On your wrist you wanted a swatch watch. 
In your hair you had a scrunchie. You may have had a bandana. You probably also owned butterfly clips. How ridiculous were those?!!

If you went on holiday you had a bum bag. Don't pretend like you didn't! You also came home with a fringe/tassled t-shirt that said something like Spain on it. 

In your teenage years you had to have pedal pushers in every colour possible. You also had a pair of adidas poppers and spent most of your time ripping other people's open. You also had a matching tracksuit/shellsuit. Mine was a pastel blue adidas one. I thought I was the bee's knees in it.

What you were eating:
Let's not pretend like we were the most healthy generation of kids. Come on we grew up on fishcakes, chicken nuggets, ham cobs (as they were called back then). Spaghetti Bolognese really hit the scene when we were growing up and it featured on everyone's family menus. Black forest gateaux was everywhere. After a Sunday roast you tucked into a vienetta. 
Your favourite lollies were either a melody pop or a ring pop. You desperately tried to blow a huge bubble with your hubba bubba.

What you were listening to:
Well didn't we have some funny music trends. Girl bands really hit the scene. Indie music broke through and we all thought we were part of garage nation. You were either mumbling the latest Oasis tune or singing and wishing you were Britney Spears. 

You then wanted to become and mc. Garage music enlightened your life. You wanted to be in so solid crew. Once again don't pretend like you didn't, I bet you know all the words 21 seconds.

The girl bands:
This was the era to be in a girl band. Girl power was everywhere. Let's start with R&B. It brought us TLC, Destiny's Child and En Vogue. What about pop?! We all wanted to be in the Spice Girl's. You loved Eternal, B*Witched, Cleopatra (comin at ya) and then came girl's aloud.

The boy bands:
Here come the boys. East end's bad boys East 17 were your rebellion favourites. There was 5ive, 911, Another level, Boyzone, Blue, Backstreet Boys, Westlife and the original line up of Take That. I remember locking myself in my room and crying for hours when Robbie left.

Your heartthrobs:
Oh so many to list. I wished Craig David was all over me (bleep). Peter Andre knew my flava. Luke Perry from 90210 (if you were allowed to watch it). Mario Lopez and Mark-Paul Gosselaar from saved by the bell. Nick Carter, i've got a crush on you. I've heard he's back on the scene. All of Hanson. Ryan Phillipe, Devon Sawa and Leo. Most of those you find yourself asking where are they now? Except for Leo as he's winning Oscars. See, we always knew he was special. 

Technology advances:
For music you would have started with a walkman. Then you will have advanced to the amazing discman, followed by the mp3. 

Computers and gaming consoles really took off whilst we were young. I remember sitting at my amiga playing lemmings! I loved that game. I also loved my sega mega drive with streets of rage being my favourite game. Then came the NES. Well done Nintendo. My travel must have was my game boy.

Remember the days of dial up internet?!! Those noises that would seem to take an age whilst you waited for the internet to load up.

In high school you would have thought you were chocolate if you had a Nokia with the epic snake on it. Many a lunch break was spent trying to beat everyone else.

There were so many things to collect if you were born during this time. Pogs were quite possibly every child's introduction to gambling. I remember trying to hustle people for what I wanted in the playground. 

Pokemon cards were everywhere. I dread to think how much money they made from us.

You probably had a Tamagotchi friend. Looking back how rubbish were they?! At the time they seemed awesome.

Come on admit it, you had a huge Troll collection didn't you? They actually are quite scary looking back. 

Beanie babes seem to really hit the scene. It was very trendy to have beanie type teddies.

You probably had lots of Polly Pockets. I wish they still had these in the same style that I played with rather than the stupid one's they've now got that are huge.

One of my all time favourite things from when I was growing up was my filofax. I thought I was so important with it. Such found memories of writing in one.

What you were reading:
Even though it probably scared you, you were hooked on Goosebumps!! There seemed so many to read. 

In school you would have been reading all about Biff, Chip and Kipper. I'm sure our parents were fed up of us bringing home their latest adventure every week from the school library.

You were desperate to be part of the Babysitters Club. In fact i'm pretty sure there was a tv programme as I am currently singing the theme tune whilst writing this.

Sweet Valley High had us wishing we were a twin. I think I used to switch between wanting to be Jessica and Elizabeth on a daily basis. Again, I also loved the tv programme. 

Epic Movies:
Teen Movies way back when were brilliant in my opinion. They knock the socks off the trash that comes out these days. We grew up on some epic one's. There was Clueless, Bring It On, She's All That, 10 Things I hate About You, Never Been Kissed, Mean Girls, American Pie, Romy and Michele's High School Reunion, Coyote Ugly, Legally Blonde, Now And Then, Save The Last Dance (best soundtrack ever) and The Craft. I'm sure there are so many more to that list.

So there you have it. I hope you've enjoyed my take on a trip down memory lane. Is there anything you would add to this list?


  1. I love this! B*witched were my everything... ahhh the 80's and early 90's...

  2. I can totally relate to everything here, brings back some fantastic memories x

  3. Haha yes! Pogs! I had a Pog making machine which was fairly epic :) Fun House was amazing wasn't it?? xx

  4. Omg I haven't seen Pogs in ages! Although I just missed the 80s I remember the likes of TLC and of course Britney, love this blog post!

    Ant x

  5. Oh b*witched, 5ive, pogs, AND tamagotchi's were my life. Defo an 80's kid :)

  6. I am a 90's kid and can remember most of these! I was a big fan of 5ive and spice girls! xx

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  8. Not being a child of the 80s i dont remember watching the teenage stuff but shsrkie and george were class. Whatever decade you were born into had its own unique set of tv shows that fired up the imagination. Blue peter transcends many decades. Fab post

  9. I can relate to all of these, even though I'm a teeny bit older than you - especially Nickelodeon and Sister Sister, Kenan and Kel! Me and my bro were obsessed with those shows! xx

  10. yes, yes and yes! This is me all over. Loved a bit of b*witched and Cleopatra!

  11. I remember wearing adidas popper pants a lot haha or brightly coloured skinny jeans. Eating microwave burgers (yuk!) and playing pogs ha

  12. An interesting read I'm a 90s child and can relate to some of these though.
    I use to own a bum bag and wore butterfly clips too. I also remember dile up internet so glad we don't have that anymore.

  13. I was raised in Romania in the 80s but some of these still apply. I used to love Saved by the bell, I learned English watching shows like that. Fun memories!

  14. I miss the 80's! I was just an 80's child and loved most of these x

  15. I remember that nokia phone I had one and I love spice girls and Girl Power lol ohhhhh how i loved being born in the 80's

  16. Woweee! What a great post! It's just brought back loads of memories for my mummy! She loved Sharky & George! She was also a fan of the raccoons, dungeons and dragons and thunder cats!

  17. Hahaaa i love this, just sat here reminiscing! I loved Nickelodeon for sure! and a totally 5ive fan!! I swapped pigs in the playground and had loads of those rubber chokers and i loved those hair stretchy things! :)

  18. Brilliant! Yes, to having a bum bag! Sweet Valley High, I loved it. Life seemed so easy back then x

  19. I was born in the early 90's so some of these aren't quite me, but I do remember live and kicking and I love Doc Martens x

  20. Oh dear, now I feel old. Was born in 1973 but I can relate to your post ;) And yes I even still have my Doc Martens ;)

  21. I was born in 1990 and I remember some of these!! Brings back so much memories!!

    Oliver •

  22. I'm older than you, but was still watching some of those programmes - I loved saved by the bell! And I also still have a pair of Dock Martins!

  23. I was a 90's kid but I can remember some of these trends being around especially the hubba bubba and vienetta!

  24. What a great read! I was a mid-70s baby but I remember a lot of these things. I quite enjoyed The Craft when it came out - I was living in the Rocky Mountains in Canada at the time. I remember it well!

  25. I was a 70's baby but do remember a lot of these. I loved Ant and Dec on SMTV - Byker Grove passed me by

  26. Oh my gosh this was such a blast from the past ! I was born in the 80s so can remember nearly of these things, some things such as pedal pushers I had totally forgot all about haha xx

  27. Brilliant! I was born in '86 so this is 100% accurate for me!xx

  28. A.Mazing!! Born in 82 and this is spot on. I LOVED sweet valley high! Sweet Valley, Sweet Valley High
    Meet you at Sweet Valley High.... xx


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