Monday 9 November 2015

My favourite pictures of me and Eva

I'm just 3 days away from my due date for expecting baby girl number 2 and call me silly but i've been a bit emotional about it today. I'm very sad at the thought of having another girl. I know some people are probably reading this thinking 'well what the hell are you having one for then?'. What I mean is that Eva is my best friend. I love spending time with her and we have an unbreakable bond. I am really struggling to understand how I will love another child (especially a girl) when I already have everything I could ever wish for in my daughter. Anyway I know I'm being silly and i'm sure when she's here, and I look at my new daughter for the first time, I will be bowled over with love. I've enjoyed a day of looking through thousands of pictures of my life with Eva and I thought i'd share some of my favourite one's with you. There were so many to choose from as we've had so many wonderful memories and experiences. 

 I think this was the very first selfie I ever took of the two of us when she was just days old.

I just love the way she is looking at me in this one. Again this was taken very early on.

When Eva was a baby I used to love nothing more than snuggles on my bed with her. 

I honestly had a fantastic maternity leave with Eva and the weather was amazing. This is a picture of us enjoying one of those days in the garden.

 Just look how happy we both are here!!! 

This was us trying to perfect a pouting selfie lol!

This was the first time I took her ice-skating (this was also the last time I took her ice-skating as we were both rubbish)

 This was on an easter Sunday after we had been for afternoon tea.

 This was our first trip to Disneyland Paris.

 This was our second trip to Disney which was last christmas time. We are all huge Disney fans in this house.

 This was taken a couple of days before my 30th birthday in Dubai. I loved how we were dressed very similar for our meal out.

This again was in Dubai at the Atlantis the Palm waterpark. We absolutely loved it there.

Finally this was taken a few months ago when I decided to take Eva on a special mummy and Eva day out to Cadbury World.



  1. Lovely pictures! I hope everything goes well, I'm sure it will! Can't wait to see pics of the new arrival xx

  2. This is a very common worry. I thought the same and it was made worse by my inability to BF my second (she had tongue tie). I thought maybe I didn't love my second as much because I'd BF my first without issue. However, after a couple of weeks it got better (not going to lie, the first two weeks were hell). Now I love both my girls to pieces.

  3. As a mum of two beautiful little girls I can assure you that it will be an amazing feeling to have another one...xx

  4. Such lovely photos. Now that I have Aria I can totally relate to worrying about having the same love and bond with another child, I can't imagine sharing my time with another baby! Though this is a very common fear and one that is mostly a load of worry about nothing!
    Good luck Kerry, hopefully you won't have long to wait now!

  5. Lovely post, I always remember feeling how on earth can I possibly love another child as much as I do this one with my first but you do, you will be amazing and you will have a wonderful bond with both x

  6. Such beautiful photos and you have the same eyes and smile x

  7. What a beautiful collection of photos, I love the pouting selfie one!

  8. These pictures look great. You've had some very fun times together x

  9. Awww so many wonderful photos, I wish I had more photos of myself and my daughter - I think I have about 5 and she is two!

  10. It is natural that you will fear you won't love your second baby as much as the first, but when they arrive no matter what sex they are, that love will come rushing in. Gorgeous pictures xx

  11. Gorgeous photos, a really lovely collection. I get how you feel, I can't imagine being able to love another child as much as I do my son! Xx

  12. I think this is so lovely and refreshingly honest... good for you for reflecting back on your relationship so far... you are a wonderful mummy xxx

  13. What lovely photos! You and Eva will always be best friends, you'll just be getting a new member for the team! Xxx

  14. Your heart just makes even more love to go round. It's a very natural worry and no, you can't devote as much time to each of them, but that sibling bond is so beautiful to see. x


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