Friday 13 November 2015

Ideal gifts for 2nd time parents

I've decided to write this post as lots of people have been saying how stumped they are about gifting second time parents. I've had a good, long think about what I think would be practical, useful and very much appreciated. First time around there are so many things you want but as you have more children, it becomes harder to think of new things. This post obviously isn't just for second time parent ideas but obviously 3rd, 4th etc.

1) Babysitting:

I can guarantee you will make any parents smile by offering them some babysitting. Even if it's only taking the other child/children for an hour. You could make up your own little vouchers and gift them to them. A friend of mine recently had our daughter over to sleep for the night. I think it's one of the kindest gifts i've ever been asked and given! I can't tell you how much we appreciated it.

2) Food:

One thing I really appreciated first time around was when people brought us meals to pop in our freezer. I honestly didn't realise at the time how much this helped. It was amazing to be able to go in the freezer and pull out a chilli or stew etc and know dinner was covered without me having to do hardly anything. I can only imagine this being even more useful with already having children as there will be even less spare time to do anything.

3) Vouchers:

Seeing as most things were brought first time around, vouchers can be an ideal gift. This gives the parents the freedom to get things they actually need. You could get any kind of vouchers. Clothes vouchers are ideal for letting them choose things for the new baby. Supermarket vouchers are a great way of helping them cut the cost of their food shopping. Mums tend to like going for a coffee when they are on maternity leave so what about Costa or Starbucks vouchers. Other good ones could be cinema vouchers (if they ever get a chance for a date night) or spa vouchers for a bit of a pampering and much needed time out.

4) Cleaning services:

How about paying for a cleaner to go and blitz the house. During the first month or so you get so many visitors and I don't think people understand how stressful it is trying to ensure the house is always clean and tidy when people pop over. Not only that with other children in the house it is bound to be even messier.
On the same kind of theme you could pay for ironing to be done. 

5) A coffee machine:

I can't even begin to tell you on my first how many times I attempted to make myself a hot drink and either never got around to actually making it or by the time I made it and drank it, it was stone cold. Parents need caffeine to help with the serious lack of sleep!
We have a coffee machine in the house but it's way too technical and takes up too much time. An ideal splurge gift would be a pod coffee machine. Imagine how easy you would make their lives. All they would have to do is pop the pod in, press a button and hey presto a hot drink is made. I'd recommend something from Nespresso.

6) Membership passes:

One thing I worry about with having another child is that I won't be able to afford to entertain my toddler all the time whilst i'm on maternity leave. I still want her to enjoy herself and have a fab time with me but as you know, money ends up tight. A great gift to give someone would be an annual or membership pass to attractions and play centres. This will help new parents be able to continue having fun days out.
I bought an annual pass for myself and my daughter for a local play centre called Mountain View Ranch. It cost £20 each per pass but we can now go as many times as we want for a year. I think I had more than paid for the 2 of them in about 6 weeks as we visited quite a few times cause I already knew the cost was covered. I think people worry that they won't go but if you know it's already paid for you don't have a lot to lose. Even if it's a far away attraction, you would still make the journey a few times. 
Another place that I know do annual passes which is a fantastic day out in Wales is Folly Farm. I wrote a blog post about our trip there earlier this year, Folly Farm blog post. It's amazing value for money there anyway but with an annual pass you could go anytime of the year.
Other suggestions would be Noah's Ark Zoo FarmLongleat and Merlin. Check your local areas and see what one's are on offer close to you.

7) Things to entertain the other children with:

Someone pointed out to me that more often that not the other children tend to get missed out and forgotten about when it comes to gifting. Visitors come over with gifts for the new baby but tend to forget the other child will be there and will feel left out. 
Bringing things to entertain the other child will be handy in more ways than one. Even if it's a colouring or sticker book, it'll make the child's day. It will keep them entertained when visitors are there to see the new baby and also when the parents are feeding the baby. I can imagine in the first few weeks it's difficult to get them to understand that when you are feeding the new baby you can't give them your undivided attention.

8) Photography

Something that would be a great help is vouchers for a photography session. It's always nice to get professional photographs taken. 
You could also get vouchers for places like Photobox or Snapfish. That way the parents know they can get the endless amount of photos they take actually printed or turned into unique gifts.

9) Food subscription boxes

This is one of the best gifts I think. You can get a food subscription box delivered. This is so beneficial in more ways than one. The food is delivered to the house and it comes with a recipe. That way the new parents can have something lovely for dinner without the thought of having to go shopping and the hassle of thinking of something to cook.
It's also a nice idea for date nights for them as they can make a lovely meal to enjoy at home. It's not the same as going out but when you're a new parent you'll take any attempt at a date. We've tried the boxes from Gousto before and they were amazing. 

10) Stay at home boxes

How about creating hampers or boxes for the parents to enjoy at home. You could theme them such as 'a spa from home' and fill it with luxurious candles and beauty products or a 'movie night' and fill it with popcorn, a dvd etc. The list of these is endless but I think they would make a really thoughtful, unique gift.

What would you have liked to receive?


  1. Ooooh these are all great ideas! Pinning this! I really love making up a pamper gift basket for my mummy friends too, or for friends with a family to enjoy. 💛

  2. Great ideas. I got a cleaner while pregnant with number two and would give gret my last £20 now! But babysitting has to be the best gift.

  3. Some lovely ideas. In my experience subsequent children don't receive anywhere near as many cards or gifts, the novelty appears to have worn off! I think my favourite suggstion is sending a cleaner round for a couple of hours!

  4. Pinning this, too!

    Such brilliant ideas - especially the family passes, I would never have thought of that! :)

    Oh and babysitting - hell yes!

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  5. All of the above, every single one of them!! Especially the babysitting even if your only going upstairs!

  6. Some really good ideas! I wouldn't have thought of these! x

  7. Babysitting is a great option! Love that you've included this n your list x

  8. What a brilliant list of ideas. The babysitter and cleaning service would definitely be welcome I am sure. But I also love the idea of an at home hamper, a membership pass and a photography session. This is such a useful post. Thank you. Hugs Mrs H xxxx

  9. Yes to memberships, cleaning, vouchers and food boxes. Great ideas here. Love this! X

  10. I'm pregnant with our second now and oh my all of these would be fab!! haha! x

  11. The stay at home boxes are a great idea, especially filling them with some pampering products or chocolates for both mum and dad. We always appreciate vouchers too for birthdays and Christmas presents. Clarks vouchers are always good, that way they can be used to purchase your babies first pair of shoes! The babysitting idea is great too.x

  12. These are great ideas for perfect gifts that would be well received :) Love them!

  13. These are fantastic ideas, lots of really useful gifts. I made up a hamper for a good friend of mine and filled it up with lots of little bits and bobs, vouchers and samples too.

  14. We tend to have a couple of annual passes at any one time. We can then go to that place for the year and then move on when we get bored.

  15. These are some lovely ideas :) very helpful too! :) x

  16. Great ideas! We've been given national trust memberships before and that is so useful as there is always somewhere we can take the kids, for free x

  17. I love the babysitting idea and the vouchers, especially for Starbucks and Costa so mum can have some me time x

  18. Some brilliant ideas here - It is difficult to know what to get - especially for family. Kaz x

  19. The cleaning would be a perfect gift for me - great list

  20. I love these suggestions! When I had my second baby I would have loved any of these but especially the babysitting...or cleaner...or stay at home box....

  21. Coffee vouchers!!! Inspired! I could ask for them for anytime! I love a coffee out! Xxx

  22. Lovely and practical. Lets people know what to provide

  23. Hi, Jeff Here, its wonderful ideas like second time mom already has a crib, cloths and all but above all are unique and helpful gift ideas to give her..... may your article helps more peoples!

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