Thursday 27 July 2023

5 Ways to Accept Your Mental Health Struggles And Get Better 

Many people know that looking after number one is a must, but it’s still difficult to do so when you have so many other things to deal with. Whether it’s taking care of the house or doing the job of three people at work, you can’t find the time to focus on yourself, and this can lead to some mental health issues that could affect your home and professional life. If you don’t feel yourself it could be that you’re going through some mental health struggles, but rather than ignore them, you need to accept them and learn how to get better.

Become More Aware 

It’s easy for your mental health issues to cloud your mind. You aren’t thinking like your usual self, so you are unlikely to recognise how your behavior has changed. However, while you haven’t noticed, your loved ones will have done. You need to listen to them when they bring it up and start being more aware of how you feel. When you become more aware, you will find it easier to control your feelings so you don’t take it out on others. 

Develop A Positive Mindset 

Being positive in the face of adversity is not a skill anyone is born with. It’s something you have to learn. But this doesn't mean you are always happy-go-lucky and never feel bad as this can make you miss the big picture. When it comes to your mental well-being, you need to learn how to accept your mental health struggles and use your experiences for good. Perhaps you never considered yourself an advocate before, but now you have experience, you can help others going through the same thing. 

Get Involved With Groups That Promote Acceptance 

Similarly, get involved with groups that promote acceptance and work to eliminate the stigma of mental illness in all environments. You can also learn a lot from these groups when seeking mental health treatment as they have been there and done that. Not only will this benefit others and their understanding of mental illness, but it can also show you better coping techniques, too. 

Take Accountability For Your Behaviour

Although you know you weren’t yourself when struggling with the worst of your mental health, you still need to be responsible for your actions and own up to how you behaved, especially if you have interacted with new people. They don't know who you really are, but being open and apologizing for anything you said or did will go a long way toward them accepting you as you have accepted yourself. 

Do Not Let One Thing Define You 

No one is defined by their mental health struggles. They all have something they love. They all have goals. They all want to be happy. Therefore, acceptance will help you stop making excuses for yourself and start on the road to becoming better, reaching your goals, and being the person you know you want to be. 


It can be difficult to accept your struggles with mental illness, but acceptance is always better than trying to ignore it because things will only get worse. These tips should help you identify your problems and encourage you to fix them to get back to being the person you–and everyone else–adores.

*This is a collaborative post*


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