Thursday 15 September 2022

How To Go At The Right Fashion Pace For You


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As part of our inclusivity efforts, we make it clear that everyone has their own needs and requirements, and no two people are the same. This is why inclusivity is important - it takes into account everyone’s needs and doesn’t judge them for those requirements!

Yet as someone just starting out in fashion for the first time, you may feel a little overwhelmed by all the options at your fingertips. That’s more than fine. It’s important to note that going at the right fashion pace for you can be essential, especially if you have a disability or another condition you wish to manage first and foremost.

It’s important to remember that you don’t have to dress to impress anyone but yourself, and function, comfort, aesthetic value as well as helping to see yourself in a new light are all essential goals to achieve before you even think about impressing anyone else. But don’t worry - we’re certain you’re more than impressive, perhaps more than you give yourself credit for!

But how can you go at the right fashion pace for you? Let’s consider that, below:

Get The Basics Right

It’s good to get the basics right, such as finding the right sizing for your underwear so you can find women’s cotton thongs, as well as other undergarments, with ease. This may take some time to measure yourself appropriately, but you’ll also no doubt find worth in having this professionally done in a fashionable establishment. Once you have your measurements down, then you can ensure purchasing online will be comfortable, and that you’ll get to limit the number of returns you have to make. This makes the online shopping experience more accessible and enjoyable - with less hassle to worry about.

Find A Few Stores You Trust

It’s worthwhile to see what brands and stores you trust in advance, just so you can know which retailers are worth your time. Reading the mission statements of certain fashion retailers or manufacturers can be a great idea - especially when it comes to inclusivity - and following certain designers in the space pushing for that kind of social change can be key. 

So for example, it might be important to you to wear clothing that doesn’t necessarily present as one gender norm over the other, or that you follow a designer who makes the best alt-look products. Have fun sourcing these stores, there are more out there than ever.

Express Who You Are

The time has come when you get to show who you are without fear or worry, which you should have been able to do from the start. Don’t be afraid to let your identity fly through your clothing, or to perhaps dress more conservatively too if this is your taste. There’s no shame in having fun with accessories, in tie-dying your t-shirts, or in thrifting clothes that add up to a unique outfit. After all - if you’re not having fun, is the fashion effort really doing its job?

With this advice, we believe you’ll continue to go at the right fashion pace for you, in the best possible sense.

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