Tuesday 27 September 2022

How to Actually Get Work Done While You Travel

There’s nothing better than unplugging and switching off when you’re on vacation, but when you make vacation the thing that you do every single day you still have to find a way to make money. If you are able to bring your career with you and work remotely in marketing, writing or designing, it may trigger an idea that you could travel and work at the same time as many do. 

Sometimes the work won’t wait, so you need to become a bit of an expert in getting things done while you are on the move. You need to make sure that you have great system storage so that you can keep everything to your files, and you need to make sure that you have good security at the same time. Nobody needs to be hacked while they try to work and travel, right? Below, we have some tips so that you can actually get work done while you travel. 

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  • Be wise with your bookings. If you are going to be traveling to an off the beaten track location, you need to make sure that you’re traveling somewhere you can still have a strong Internet connection. There is no use in trying to work while you travel if you’re not going to be able to communicate with your colleagues, your boss or even log onto the Internet to get things done. Book wisely with your travel options, such as trains and planes to ensure that you are still going to be able to work while you are on board.

  • Start looking at your time. Do you want to go to the beach in Bali? If so, give yourself the morning to work and then spend a long and lazy afternoon and into the evening on the beach. You have to block out your time so that you are able to manage yourself correctly. This way, you are giving adequate time to getting your tasks done, while ensuring that you are on top of the world with your vacation destination.

  • Bring the right tools. You may not be busy building houses or fixing electronics, but if you have your laptop armed with you that you need the charger, your VPN, your external storage system, you need to ensure that you have everything packed neatly in a laptop bag with a lock. You do not need your tools to be stolen while you’re trying to travel at the same time.

  • Learn to prioritize. If you really want to get some work done while you are traveling, and you need to be able to prioritize per client. What does each client need? Who has the best priority? Which is the one that is going to pay you the most? All of these questions need answering before you get going so that you are able to relax and not feel too stressed while you are seeing the world.

*This is a collaborative post*

We are living in a world where remote working is the new normal. Make remote working work for you and travel while you do it full time. 


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