Wednesday 18 November 2020

Stop Your Body From Running On Overdrive

An experience that many of us have a lot of the time is this one of your body and mind both feeling as if they are on overdrive the whole time. That can be related to the experience of anxiety, but whether or not it specifically comes with anxiety it is something that can be quite worrying. Overall, it is a feeling of your body working a little too hard, or of being at the end of your tether. In truth, what it normally comes down to is a general experience of pushing yourself too hard and not focusing on your health fully.

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Get Rid Of That Belly Fat

One of the earliest signs that you are running on overdrive is when you start to develop that midsection fat around the belly. As well as being, for many people, unsightly, it is also one of the first parts of the body to develop that fat if you are generally unwell and not taking care of yourself. So if you have noticed this, you will find that working on losing that fat is always going to be a strong start to stopping your body from being on overdrive. Yes, it works in reverse.

Stop Overworking

Not all of the signs are physical ones. Sometimes, it’s more a case of what you are doing with your life. For instance, if you have noticed that you tend to be overworking a lot, that is probably a reliable sign that you are on overdrive. Certainly, that will be the result for your health, and it’s something that you are going to want to try and avoid. If you find yourself overworking, ask yourself whether you might be simply trying to escape from something else, or whether you are trying to fill a void. Stop doing that, and you won’t be operating on overdrive anymore to quite the same degree.

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Take Steps To Calm Your Anxiety

As we have seen already, being on overdrive has a direct relation to feeling anxious, and this is one area where you can make changes in one by altering the other. Whatever kind of relationship you tend to have with anxiety, there is always going to be something you can do about it, so that is worth thinking about in particular. It might be a simple case of reducing the amount of coffee you drink, trying to get a little more sleep, or even cutting down on smoking by opting for Aspire Finixx instead. However you do it, reducing and managing your anxiety is a hugely important way to stop your body and mind being in overdrive.

Reset Your Stress Response

A lot of the feeling of being on overdrive comes down to this sensation of your stress levels being high all the time. That can happen over time as a response to a number of genuinely stressful experiences or even trauma, to the point where you no longer have a normal response to everyday stresses, but rather an exaggerated one. However, this form of adrenal overdrive can be reversed, and it is one of the central facets of ensuring that you are stopping your entire system from running on overdrive all the time. If you feel wired and as though you can’t turn off your stress response, you can consider trying to increase your blood sugar slightly, so that your body is not in survival mode. You might also benefit from avoiding environmental toxins in the home wherever possible. Above all, however, the main thing to do is to allow yourself plenty of opportunity to rest and - well, reset your system.

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Lower That Heart Rate

Another clear sign that your body is working too hard is if your sitting heart rate is too high. In some people, you might even be able to feel your heart rate is high just as you are sitting at your desk or on the sofa. That is a sure sign, but if you are unsure you should look into checking your heart rate for real. If it is high, you should aim to attack this problem head-on and in a number of ways at once, to help overcome it. That means eating right, exercising every day, sleeping well, and avoiding stress. If you can manage all that, your sense of overdrive is going to diminish soon enough, and things will seem so much clearer and calmer again.

Focus on these things, and you should be able to get your body back to normality again.

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