Friday 30 August 2019

Last Minute Back to School Checklist

If you're like me and you haven't managed to buy everything you need for your children returning/starting school or you're worried you have forgotten to buy something then this list is a great reference. This checklist is for children of primary school age.

Back to School Checklist
  • Uniform - Polo Shirts, Bottoms, Jumper or Cardigan, Shoes, Coat
  • P.E Kit - T Shirt, Shorts or Leggings, Trainers, Bag
  • Outdoor Learning - Wellies, Hat
  • Bag
  • Lunchbox
  • Water-Bottle
  • Suntan lotion
  • Labels for Clothes
  • Hair Accessories - Bobbles, Bands, Clips
  • Stationary - Pencil Case, Pencils, Notepad
You can pin the below image:

The shops I recommend for clothing are Next and Tu at Sainsburys. The clothes tend to wash well and therefore last better from both stores. 
I tend to buy school shoes and trainers from Next or Clarkes. Wellies I usually get from a supermarket.

Bags, Lunch Accessories and Stationary :
Both my girls adore Smiggle for bags and stationary. I think they are attracted to all the bright, cute, patterns and scented products. 
This year they have a range for suitable for younger children (ages 3-6) which is ideal for nursery or preschool. The bags are smaller so fit little ones backs and shoulders better. 

Image from Smiggle

They also have a fab school bundle in lots of ranges which includes everything you need such as a rucksack, drinks bottle, lunchbox, pencil case and goo which has a hidden character inside. 
The lunchboxes from Smiggle are a particular favourite product of ours as they have 2 sections so there is plenty of space for lunch, snacks and a drink. They also wash well.

Clothing labels:
From personal experience I have found iron on labels last longer than stick on ones.

Suntan Lotion:
I find popping a roll on 5 star sun tan lotion the best for a school bag. Kids find that easy to apply themselves.

In our primary school kids aren't required to take any stationary to school but the girls still like to have a pencil case, pencils and notebook for home to complete homework and to practice writing and colouring. We again get these from Smiggle. They have great pencil cases that have different compartments and a pencil sharpener already attached to them.
Image from Smiggle

Hair accessories:
The supermarkets such as Asda usually have a fantastic range of school hair accessories in various school colours. If you're lucky you'll find a 3 for 2 deal or a buy one get one free deal.

Where do you usually do your school shopping?


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