Wednesday 19 August 2020

4 Types of Pain That You Should Never Ignore

Pain is often described as a personal thing because everyone has a different threshold of what they’d consider painful. Some people tend to have a much higher tolerance, meaning they’re less likely to be stopped by pain in their body. Others are much more sensitive to pain and it could affect their daily lifestyle.

Most people respond to pain by either ignoring it and hoping it goes away, or taking some kind of painkiller to help ease it. While this works for most signs of pain, it’s actually not a good idea to get used to this because our bodies can develop a dependency on it. Some types of pain just shouldn’t be ignored, especially if it’s intense or persists for a few days.

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Abdominal pain

Abdominal pain has many different causes. It could just be excess gas in the stomach or it could be something more severe such as appendicitis. Some causes of abdominal pain are even life-threatening and may require immediate surgery. Sharp pain is usually a sign that there’s a serious problem, so if it’s debilitating and prevents you from going about your daily life you should immediately contact a medical professional.

Foot pain

Foot pain tends to be ignored because we have to use our feet to move around. If we stopped at the first sign of pain, it’d mean we can’t get up and walk around anywhere. Unfortunately, you should never ignore foot pain because it could get much worse in the future. It could affect your walking capability and might even lead to long-term issues if you’re not careful. We suggest you look at foot pain causes to try and identify what your foot pain might be. If the symptoms are consistent with some conditions, we highly recommend you speak to a doctor especially if the pain is getting too much to bear.


Headaches can often be seen as a nuisance that we deal with in order to carry on with our lives. Unfortunately, it could also be a life-threatening condition if it’s a sharp pain that lasts for a long time. Don’t just immediately reach for the painkillers if the headaches happen time after time. It could be the sign of an infection or even a weakened blood vessel.

Back pain

Back pain can be a sign that your posture is poor and needs to be corrected. However, if the pain radiates to your lower back between your ribs and hip, it could indicate that you have a kidney infection. If you’re also experiencing pain when urinating then you’ll want to get checked up by a doctor. Back pain can have numerous causes and it’s vital that you don’t ignore it.

We suggest that you seek immediate medical attention if you experience any severe pain that lasts for several days or even hours. If you experience pains in these areas of your body, then we highly recommend you at least speak to your doctor to get checked.

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