Tuesday 19 May 2020

These Are The Real Monsters In Your Home

Kids are often scared of monsters in their closet and ghosts in the attic. We never worry when we hear these stories because we know they aren’t real. We know they are just the variables of an overactive imagination so to us they are harmless. It’s useful because it allows us to help our children dispel these fears when we can say with confidence that they can't possibly be true. But that doesn’t mean that your home is free from monsters. There are definitely scary foes that could be lurking around your property. Let’s take a look at some of the possibilities. 


It doesn’t take much research online to find that there have been several high profile cases where contaminants have been found in water supplies for homes. These contaminants can be both dangerous and even deadly. Indeed, various research suggests that the level of fluoride found in water - a chemical used for cleaning it - is often far too high. To compensate for the danger here, it’s worth exploring different options including filtration systems. Filtration systems are available for home use and more than affordable for the typical family. 


Hopefully, your home doesn’t have asbestos. However, you won’t know this for sure without a full home survey. Through a survey, you will be able to discover whether this substance could be an issue. If you connect with a top mesothelioma attorney, then you will discover that asbestos has been linked to this dangerous illness. The good news is that asbestos only becomes dangerous when the fibers get into the air. That usually won’t happen unless you break through the walls and it used to be a form of insulation. This is why you should always complete a thorough survey of your home before making any big changes to the construction. 


You probably don’t worry too much about mold around your home. Particularly, if it’s the variety that you tend to find around a window that has a poor level of air circulation. However, mold can be a problem because of the spores that it releases. It could cause breathing difficulties in young children and potentially make health issues like asthma significantly worse. This is why when you notice mold around your home, you should clean it up as quickly as you can. There are plenty of mildew sprays that work beautifully. 


Finally, if you have older kids, there is an invisible enemy that you need to be aware of and that’s the online world. It’s fair to say that the world of online communications can be quite useful but definitely dangerous to children. You never know who they might be talking to and that’s why it’s worth keeping an eye on how they spend their time online

We hope this helps you see now that monsters can be real. But perhaps not in the way you might expect. However, you still need to prepare for their potential bite and learn how to battle them the right way. 

*This is a collaborative post*

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