Friday 29 March 2019

What Disney Means to Me

The clothing featured in these images were kindly gifted to me buy shopDisney in return for this blog post. However, all words, thoughts, opinions and images are my own. They are always truthful.

I'm not sure where I can pinpoint when my love for Disney began. My favourite film as a child was Mary Poppins. I remember watching it repeatedly on the same day and singing the songs over and over again.  I also remember that the very first film I watched in the cinema was Aladdin which to this day is still my favourite Disney film with Jasmine being my favourite Disney princess. 

Disney is a huge part of mine and my family's life. We watch the films, we wear the clothes, we buy the merchandise and we go on holiday regularly to either Walt Disney World or Disneyland Paris. In fact we are annual pass holders at Disneyland Paris. The shop you will find us most in on our shopping days is shopDisney.

I was kindly sent some of the amazing new adult clothing (as featured in all of the pictures in this post) that is available from shopDisney. I not only wear Disney clothes at the Disney parks but I wear them regularly in my day to day life. The excitement I felt opening the delivery box got me thinking about how my love for Disney has changed since I was a child.

I didn't think it could be possible to love it more as an adult but I certainly do and I think that must be down to understanding the deeper meanings behind the famous Disney films and quotes. Don't get me wrong, as I've already mentioned, I was a huge Disney fan when I was little, wishing I could be a princess and believing in the magic.

Now I'm older, I understand all the positive messages that Disney portray. I've learnt about love, friendship, family, bravery, courage and even sadness and grief. Every film is so clever and manages to pull on your heart strings. I think I've yet to find a film that I've not had a tear in my eye at some point.

The magic will always remain. Meeting Mickey Mouse and other characters is always something we do when we go to the parks and every time we do the excitement never changes. The magic is still there for all of us and so is that belief. Yes my husband and I are fully aware characters and stories aren't real but isn't it a wonderful feeling to just believe for a second. Disney manages to make you forget about your worries and your strife (10 points for you if you're currently singing the song with the words I've just mentioned). It takes you to places you can only dream of.

Whenever I feel down Disney is my go to. If any of us are ill, we'll have a duvet day and binge watch the films as that's guaranteed to raise a smile. 

We are a Disney family and we always will be. It gives us special family memories and stories that will last a lifetime.

If you've loved seeing these clothes make sure you head to my instagram and my dedicated Disney instagram as I am always wearing Disney fashion and we also have a Walt Disney World holiday coming up in May.



  1. Oh I love this! we are huge fans of Disney here too!

  2. I am loving the pieces you have on here. They are lovely.

  3. We too are huge fan of Disney, we grew up watching Disney films and Aladdin was my favourite too.

  4. We are bug Disney fans in our house too and its my ultimate dream goal to take the kids to Disneyland Florida one day! I absolutely love all of your outfits you look amazing in them all!

  5. I do love some of the older Disney movies like Sword in the Stone and more recent ones such as Moana - I went to Disneyworld in the US when I was younger but have not been as an adult, I'm sure I'd have fun though. I love how passionate you are about it :)

    Laura x


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