Wednesday 29 August 2018

What I Wore on Holiday - Turkey

Here's my style diary of what I wore on our recent holiday to Turkey.

Day 1:

Before we went away I decided to finally place an order from shein. I'd heard very mixed reviews about them which had perviously put me off. I ordered quite a few things and I can honestly say the majority were great. Some of the pieces were poor quality but overall I was impressed for the price.
These twinning dresses were from their website. Eva absolutely loved wearing the same dress as me. She asks if we can wear them all the time. It was nice and cool for the hot evenings and it hid my wobbly bits which gained it a huge thumbs up from me.

Day 2:

I decided to wear something a bit skimpier the following evening. On a recent shopping trip to London I spotted this candy stripe jumpsuit from Forever 21 which I knew would be perfect for the holiday. However, I almost didn't even try it on as it was quite revealing and I knew it would be a tight fit. I'm glad I caved in as I did love it and even though it was tight, I didn't really care once I was away.

Day 3:

I was gifted this fab dress from Next which is an ideal late summer/autumn transitional dress. I thought I'd be too hot wearing it in Turkey but it was surprisingly ok. It can be worn with tights or boots for the upcoming change in season or even underneath a pinafore dress.

Day 4:

This has become my current favourite dress. It was part of my haul from shein. It is gorgeous. I've worn it a few times since the holiday and people always comment on it. It's extremely flattering and so pretty. They also had it in red and yellow and I am desperate to get them.

Day 5: 

This playsuit was also from shein. I really liked the look of it but it actually didn't suit my shape at all. It was a very unflattering fit on me but I kept it anyway as it was so cheap and I knew I could use it as a cover up for over my swimwear. They had children's versions of this too so it would be good for twinning.

Day 6:

Even though this looks like a dress, it's actual a vest top and skirt. I bought the skirt from a Turkish shop (I can't remember the name) but with the exchange rate, it only worked out as £6 which was such a bargain.



  1. Oh I am in love with that playsuit! How cute!!

    Katie xoxo

  2. OMG you and Eva look so cute wearing the same dress. I think that dress from Shein looks great on you, hope you get it in the other colours too.

  3. I brought a slogan t-shirt from Shein which i quite like. I like the dress from Next, your twinning is so cute!

  4. Oh wow some gorgeous outfits. I love the twinning but I. Think my fav is the pink stripy jump sit. It’s gorgeous!

  5. Oh my god, thank you so much for introducing me to Shein! I loved EVERYTHING on their website, and such reasonable prices too! So tempted to buy a mum and daughter outfit ahhhh!!!!

  6. I love those matching Shein dresses! My daughter is a big fan of twinning too! That Forever 21 jumpsuit looks incredible on you! x

  7. Omg those twinning dresses and that candy cane jumpsuit are to die for!!!

  8. The Shein dress is definitely my absolute fave - the colours look great on both of you!


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