Wednesday 15 August 2018

22 Things To Do Before You're 1.4 Metres at Alton Towers

We recently visited Alton Towers and we were asked to try out the '22 Things to Do before you're 1.4m' mission. I was looking forward to seeing what was on the mission as we hadn't visited Alton Towers since before we had children and I wasn't sure if there would be much for our 5 and 2 year old to do.....I was wrong.

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The challenge aims to get your children (and yourselves) to explore the park and spot fun things along the way. 

To join in all you have to do is:

  • Pick up your mission pack from Towers Trading (on the left hand-side of the park after the entrance). You can also download it here before hand (22 Things)
  • Complete the tasks and tick them off
  • Share your mission experience online for a chance to win a family stay at Alton Towers Resort
There are lots of different types of things to do in the mission such as counting how many frogs there are on Towers Street, taking photos in various places, having a ride on certain attractions and more. 

There are 2 sections to choose from on the last 5 challenges, one for children over 1.2 metres and one for Cbeebies land. My girls attempted the Cbeebies section. 

We all enjoyed attempting to complete the challenges. Eva's favourite was enjoying the view from the SkyRide and Ophelia loved learning how to sign 'butterfly' with Mr Tumble in his sensory garden. I think this was her favourite area of the park overall. We couldn't get her out of it.

Hubby and I actually really enjoyed attempting the mission with the girls too. It was very handy as whilst one of us was riding one of the bigger rides the other one could take the girls to do one of the challenges. It was a great way to keep them entertained whilst they were waiting for us grown ups to queue for rides.

The only thing that let us down was time. Eva wasn't happy that she hadn't managed to complete her mission but as we only went into the park for one day, we simply ran out of time. However, she is now desperate to return to complete it.

If you're heading to Alton Towers anytime this summer make sure you take on the '22 Things To Do Before you're 1.4 Metres' mission. It really makes the day out fun and enjoyable for all ages of the family. 

*We were given fast passes and a meal in exchange for our honest opinion of the challenge. All words are my own*



  1. It's great to know Alton Towers have thought of the little people. As parents you always think you need to put off theme parks until they're older but this proves the whole family can enjoy Alton Towers!

    1. Yes I agree so it's great to know theres stuff for little ones to do

  2. Wow who knew the little ones could have so much fun as well! I can't wait until my youngest daughter is old enough to make the most of Alton Towers :)

  3. Our local theme park in Normandy also has plenty of things that shorter and younger people can do. Glad to see Alton Towers does the same.

  4. I remember going to Alton Towers when I was young and it was so great! Great post! Xx

  5. We did this challenge, my girls loved it. We too did not have enough time to complete it x

  6. This is a great challenge. I can imagine the fun.

  7. We love Alton Towers and there is so much to do for small people as well as the older ones

  8. I have not been to Alton Towers for years. I use to love going on all the rides.

  9. We’ve yet to visit Alton Towers but it’s great to see that they cater for everyone including little-uns x

  10. This is such a great list and super useful as I was thinking about taking my two to Alton at some point this year!!

    Laura x

  11. As a bit of an adrenaline junkie, without any kids, and myself being over 1.4m (just LOL, Im 5ft1 😂), I don't think this challenge is really for me - but it's great that Alton Towers caters for people of all ages/sizes x


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