Thursday 4 May 2017

Reasons to go to Disneyland at Christmas - Guest post by Twinderelmo

Have you ever thought about going to Disneyland and wondered what time of year to go? Beth at Twinderelmo gives you 5 reasons why you should visit at Christmas. I've been lucky enough to go at Christmas time and it really is magical.

1) It makes it extra magical
Who doesn't love Disney? It's pretty magical 24/7. It's synonymous with dreams and a feeling of never having to grow up. Christmas has pretty much the same feel for me so combine the two and your life is MADE. We went at the end of November and came back on 2ndDecember and it really kick started the festive season for us all. We came back on the Friday evening and felt we HAD to get our tree up the next day

2) They have extra parades
Yes there is a specific Christmas themed parade with a very special guest – Santa! With an extra parade, there's even more to keep everyone entertained not to mention some amazing outfits and festive songs to sing a long to.

3) Everyone is in a good mood
Who can be grumpy at CHRISTMAS in DISNEY?! It literally is the happiest place on earth amplified.

4) It can work out cheaper
We went late November and got it much cheaper than the summer months. Granted we went during term time but the prices do seem to drop as everyone is meithering about the weather. Yes it was cold, but no colder than here. There was one day where the girls just wore their Woody and Buzz costumes over their normal clothes as it was mild. Just make sure you take your hats and gloves and you'll be fine.

5) Shorter hours
I know this may not be everyone's bag but we went with two three year olds so with the park closing at 7pm it meant we were able to stay and watch the Dreams firework show without everyone being exhausted. We were often in bed by 8.30pm – ready for another early morning making the most of the EMH

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  1. I've been to both Disney World and Disneyland at christmas, they are both amazing

  2. We went in April but after going to Drayton Manor in December I can understand the benefits and that you can indeed cope with the cold. Early fireworks are always a bonus

  3. We went to Disneyland in Florida at Christmas when I was 9yrs old and it was so magical!!! Would love to go again at Christmas

    Laura x

  4. We did Disney at Easter and it was manic, would love to visit at Christmas though

  5. thanks for having me Kerry x

  6. We went for their 15th celebration in 2006 at Christmas, we went on 9th December and it was just amazing.

  7. Oh my goodness Christmas at Disney sounds like heaven! We went to Disneyland Paris last year and it was so magical

  8. One of my favourite spot for family trip is Disneyland in Florida. It was a blast.


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