Wednesday 26 April 2017

6 Things to do at Disney World - Guest Post by Toby and Roo

Whilst I am away in Disney World I have some great Guest posts from some of my blogging friends to keep you entertained.

First up is by the lovely Harriet from Toby and Roo.

I have to confess, we’ve only been to Disney once and yet… addicts! It was the best holiday of my life and we adored it. The kids were mesmerised and to be honest so was I – even Adam, my husband, who really isn’t in to Disney was spellbound by most of the stuff purely because of the reactions from the kids.

I wanted to put together 6 tips for things you shouldn’t miss at Disney because looking back there are a few things that we just HAVE to do again (and will be next year!), so without further a-do, here are my 6 things you might not think to do at Disney but really should:

1.     See the Hippos at Animal Kingdom.
I don’t care who you are or what you like, if you can’t be amazed by these HUGE majestic creatures literally in front of you in their under water viewing area, then you are not my people!! It was astounding to just watch them floating around and relaxing – something I can’t WAIT to see again!

2.     Order a Cottontini or Kids special drink at T-REX cafĂ©
Seriously. The cottontini was the alcoholic beverage of dreams – it was pricey sure, but it comes with a HUGE cotton candy ball in the glass and you pour your alcohol over – then you get to keep the shaker as a memento. Not to be missed. As for the kid’s drinks, you get to keep a huge drink bottle with a dino head and a screw bottom for keeping snacks, though they have a little toy in it to start. For the dino lover it’s a must.

3.     Stay out LATE and see the fireworks.
NOTHING will compare to the wonder in your kid’s eyes at 9pm when the big fireworks go off at Magic Kingdom. Reuben started to cry and I asked if he was afraid of the bangs (he used to be) but he said “No, I’ve just waited my whole life to see this and I didn’t even know!” – melodramatic? Sure, but hella cute!

4.     Epcot Kidcot is not to be sniffed at
Kidcot is basically a kiddies version of Epcot – the children get a paper bear to carry around and collect stamps from each “station” is each “country”. At the stations there is everything from colouring to food to taste from the nation. It’s epic and the kids get each person to sign their bear too!

5.     Don’t waste your time with Be Our Guest, but DO have breakfast with the Princesses
Be Our Guest was a let down for us – despite booking it took 45mins just to get in the building and we were out within 25 mins. Meh. The food was nice but not exactly off the chain and we weren’t overly enamoured! We did love dining with the Princesses though – it was lovely, but a word of warning, if you order anything other than the main breakfast, it will be sweet!

6.     Hollywood Studios Stormtroopers are a must

Bit like posing with the guards at Buckingham palace, the storm troopers are super fun!

Thank you for sharing those tips Harriet. You can follow her blog Toby and Roo here:



  1. We really want to go to Orlando next year again so will keep these tips in mind! I have a tip, when you go to Epcot check out Club Cool, there are lots of samples of drinks from around the world. The Beverly drink has to be tasted! :D

  2. Great tips.I feel no trip to Disney World would be complete without a visit to the classic The Twilight Zone-themed attraction.


  3. Such great tips. I went to Disneyland Florida when I was about 9yrs old so thats literally 23 years ago so I am sure loads has changed and I would love to take the kids there

    Laura x

  4. I can't wait to take my children to Disneyland Florida!

  5. Fab tips! I would love to visit Disney World one day, it sounds so magical and the firework show looks amazing x

  6. Great tips I'd so love to visit Disney with my little family

  7. I've only been to Disneyland Hong Kong before and that was so small and cute. I think the larger Disneys would be too big for me.

  8. I'm all over the stormtroopers haha - my Star Wars mad son wouldn't let us not do that! Good tips x

  9. We HAVE to go one day! I can't wait for the experience with my kids :)

  10. I loved Hollywood Studios. One of my fave bits

  11. I haven't been to Disney since I was a child but hope to take the kids one day soon

  12. I need to stop reading posts about Disney, I have never been and want to so much. We are saving up to go in a couple of years time.


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