Wednesday 19 April 2017

Imaginative Play with Sylvanian Families

I'm not sure the exact age it started but all of a sudden Eva seemed to be involved in imaginative play. Stories and scenarios are often made up with most of them being centred around pretending to be families. There is always a mummy, daddy, sister, brother, nanny etc.

I remember playing in a similar way as a child with my much loved Sylvanian Families. They were my favourite toys to play with. I had houses, schools, various figures and therefore was able to embark on imaginative play about families for hours. When Eva started to show the same enthusiasm, we knew it was time to buy her some of her own.

She currently has the Cosy Cottage Starter Home and a few families. She was lucky enough to recently be sent the Persian Cat family. They are a 4 piece set which is a mother, father, brother and sister. They all have moveable arms and legs and removable clothes. They are a cute set with a vintage feel to their clothing.

The family have settled into her Sylvania world nicely. It's so lovely to see her acting out real life situations with her toys. On the Sylvanian Families website, it explains about the different families personalities. This is a great thing for encouraging them to use different behaviours etc for their imaginative play. I was able to tell Eva that the Father from the Persian Cat family loves to collect furniture and that the mother loves to design dresses. 

She quite often plays schools so we would love to get her the School.

Image taken from Sylvanian Families Net

There are so many fantastic items you can get to build a perfect Sylvania community. There are various houses, families, shops and vehicles. I really like the look of the new Fruit Wagon and I know Eva would love the Candy Wagon.

images taken from Sylvanian Families Net

These toys are classic, stand the test of time and are a lovely collectable range for any toy collection. Do you have any?


  1. I love these sets. They are so dainty and gorgeous. I wish I'd had them when I was little. I wish I'd noticed when Jamie started playing imaginatively. It's so cute to watch and listen....well unless he copies me that is :)

  2. This looks like a really lovely set. I never had them as a child.

  3. I collect Sylvanians! My sister collected them when she was little and I just had one family, now I've started collecting them all (my daughter has some too)

  4. What a lovely play set! I remember having them when I was young! (feels many moons ago now) :) x

  5. I was a big fan of Sylvanian Families when I was little, and so was Stacey. So when Oscar started playing with her old playsets I really wasn't surprised! He's starting school in September and is VERY worried about it so I may treat him to the school set so we can act out scenes with him and try to ensure him that it will be lots of fun, not scary like he thinks it's going to be.

    Louise x

  6. I can't believe the Sullivan family sets are still around they are classics. This set looks lovely.

  7. Oh my goodness me! Those toys are so cute! That's the drawback of having two boys - I've never had the chance to dress them in pink or play with these kinds of things. I love imaginative play in kids - although with boys, it invariably surrounds wars and guns. I've never encouraged that, in fact, I never bought them guns, they've just naturally veered towards that side of things!

  8. Looks a lovely set I bet my niece would love this set and she will enjoy this for sure.

  9. I never had syvalian toys when I was little but always wanted them! They are a lovely sets. Amazing the imagination children have!

  10. Wow thise toys have come a long way since they started. The colours and charecters are brilliant. They help kids with imagination. Excellent stuff


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